Honeymoon Destinations and Couple's Retreats in Bali

Bali is a land of beautiful beaches, one can find it as a perfect spot for a honeymoon and book Bali trip packages for couples. With the stunning beaches on the island and a scenic view, couples can find a beautiful retreat here. 

The trip to Bali can offer you pristine beaches to relax, ancient temples with intricate architecture to explore, and amazing flora and fauna which might have your attention throughout this Bali tour package. 

Couples can book Bali tour packages for couples with Nitsa holidays which will provide them with lucrative offers and a chance to discover scenic beauty and explore ancient temples. Here are a few places that one can discover with their Bali travel packages.

Couple Friendly Spots in Bali

Bali is one of the most beautiful travel destinations, especially for couples, one has various places to discover. It is the location where honeymooners and couples can create everlasting memories together.


Ubud can be considered the major hub for couples who are finding a way to relax and unwind. There are several resorts and spas which provide a relaxing treatment with a beautiful environment. One can also consider exploring art galleries and museums around this location. 

Moreover, one can also choose different accommodations in Ubud. Places such as Capella in Ubud offer campsites in the lush green forest with privacy for couples to enjoy their time. The best time to visit this location is July to September with an approximate daily cost of $97 for the whole experience and accommodations.

 Nusa Dua

Majorly known for its pristine beaches and luxurious accommodations, Nusa Dua comes with pretty cultural attractions. Couples can enjoy authentic cuisines in romantic beachfront dinners along with a couple of spa treatments to relax and have their time together. 

People can majorly enjoy snorkeling and the top golf on the island of Nusa Dua. Couples who love to include some adventure in their Bali holiday package can enjoy activities such as skiing and parasailing. 


If you are looking for an upbeat location, Seminyak might be the perfect place. Couples can discover a better nightlife along with the availability to do a small shopping spree for souvenirs. 

One can roam around the beautiful beaches and enjoy their dinners in the beachfront restaurants and cafes. It is famous for its beautiful shops which can be explored while spending your time discovering the island’s nightlife in Seminyak. 

Jimbaran Bay 

While exploring new places, one should never miss out on trying their local cuisine. In your Bali Indonesia package, couples should visit places like Jimbaran Bay which offers a vast variety of local seafood dishes to try and satisfy one’s taste buds. 

Beautiful romantic dinners can also be arranged in the areas of Jimbaran Bay where couples can enjoy their own time. One should plan to visit this area during the dry season, from July to September. 


Bali is one of the best tourist locations for couples and is considered the best spot for honeymooners and couples to enjoy their time while having an adventurous yet relaxing vacation. 

Bali trip packages include several that cater to the round relaxing and adventurous trip through the island. Couples are offered luxurious accommodations, authentic cuisines, and guided tours to explore the city with Nitsa holidays.