Bali's Hidden Cafes and Restaurants: Off-the-Beaten-Path Culinary Delights

Even though Bali is one of the most upbeat locations for people to plan their Bali tour packages with a relaxing environment, one should not miss out on the food and should try to enjoy the authentic cuisine of Indonesia around this island. 

While people can enjoy food at different locations throughout the different places in Bali, one should aim towards finding the hidden authentic gems located safely in the hearts of the island. 

Such hidden cafes and restaurants should be included in your itinerary in your Bali Indonesia package. Nitsa Holidays provides such locations to be included in one’s plan for their trip to Bali where one can explore such cafes with locally followed culture and traditions. 

Exploring the Hidden Cafes & Restaurants

Hidden cafes and restaurants can be found all through the different locations of Bali. One just has to focus on these major points with their Bali travel packages. 

  1. Cafes located in the hidden paths: The paths of Bali can lead through lush green forests and people can find some of the hidden cafes in such paths which might seem to lead nowhere. One can enjoy a cup of coffee surrounded by rice fields and a breathtaking yet calming view. 
  2. Warungs: These are locally operated cafes from people residing in that particular area. Such cafes and restaurants tend to serve the most authentic and culturally inspired food. People can enjoy Balinese dishes without having an affordable budget. 
  3. Dining on beaches: Another aspect of having meals in Bali is to enjoy the dinners on the beaches. One can even enjoy different varieties of seafood around the area in such restaurants. 

Options of Hidden Cafes & Restaurants in Bali 

Bali travel packages should include discovering hidden cafes and restaurants throughout the island. There are a few places where one can enjoy different aspects of this island without having to indulge in a crowded place. 

1. Keramas Aero Park 

Several places have been left abandoned in the areas of Bali, this place is found in the middle of abandoned paddy fields. The restaurant is located in an abandoned plane midst of the fields. 

One can find this place in the areas of Keramas beach which is regarded as the next Kuta beach of Bali. The price of food here is pretty budget-friendly and people can find meals for $2.85

2. Motel Mexicola 

Exploring the nightlife of Bali is yet another activity that one should not tend to miss out on, especially if in Seminyak. If you are a person who is aiming to enjoy some aesthetic location along with good food then Motel Mexicola is your location while in Seminyak. 

Nitsa Holidays provides the best and the most authentic locations throughout the island of Bali and can be your friendly companion through your Bali group tour package. People can aim to find food here starting from a budget of $2.14 and enjoy themselves until 1 am in the night. 

3. Ling Ling’s Bali 

If you are an anime lover, then the location of Ling Ling’s Bali should be your go-to destination while discovering some hidden cafes on this island. People can try a fusion of Korean-Japanese food in this cafe with very vibrant settings. 

With funky and quirky Japanese decorations throughout the cafe, one can enjoy the vibe of this place and can even take advantage of different ongoing offers in this cafe. 


Bali is one of the places mostly connected with nature, one cannot miss out on its authentic food culture as well. People should include discovering hidden places for them to eat while enjoying their Bali travel package under an affordable budget.