European Adventure Travel: Thrilling Activities and Outdoor Adventures

Get your adrenaline rush by traveling through Europe's most beautiful scenery. A European adventure travel tour that combines fun activities and outdoor adventures awaits you. Whatever you're looking for, gripping adventures or tranquil nature, this continent offers something for all. Come with us to discover the wide variety of European natural wonders, from secret spots to iconic destinations. Put on your hiking shoes, get into your kayak, and fly above beautiful mountains—it will be the adventure of your life!

Zip-lining in the Cetina Gorge, Croatia

If you’re searching for the most exotic activities during your trip to Europe, then you should include zip-lining in the Cetina Canyon in Croatia. Set to the north of the town of Omis and off the Split, the Cetina Canyon is a good place to spend exciting vacations.

Zip-lining isn’t attaching yourself to a cable and hurtling down a slope. The sport usually takes 2-3 hours because you will gather at Omi's and be driven to the place where you will start with the zipline. You can add this in your Europe couple travel packages.

The beginning includes a short hike. The canyon views can be admired, followed by eight wires as you descend the canyon. The primary laser wire is 700m long and 150m above ground level.

The thrill of flying in the air at high speed on this wire was a bit scary. But the views you get as you glide above the canyon are awesome. The other wires combine the longer ones over the Cetina River and the shorter ones under the trees.

Hot Air Ballooning in Chateau d'Oex, Switzerland

If a hot-air balloon ride over Europe has been on your travel wishlist for a long time, There's no better place than Chateau d'Oex to do it. It is a small village located in the French-speaking area of Switzerland. It is known as the ballooning aviation capital of the world. You can also add this to your trip to Europe.

The specific climate here and the surrounding wind flow around the mountains make this place ideal for ballooning. It lasts for nine days in January, and this is, of course, the best period to make such a trip. You'll be able to witness 100 balloons going up into the air. You can ask Nitsa Holidays to add this activity to your Europe couple travel packages or Europe family trip packages.

You can plan your trip from May to September and book your Europe couple travel packages or Europe family trip packages. You can plan an evening bike ride over the Fribourg plateau. It looks out at the magnificent views of the towns of Fribourg, Romont Castle, and Gruyeres Lake.

Gozo Cave Diving, Malta

Gozo is a little island in the Mediterranean, only 5 kilometers away from the bigger one, Malta. The coast is jagged and rough, being composed of sandstone; hence, the waves created caves in the cliff area. Some of the top European underwater expeditions and diving are held in these seas. If you have a plan for diving, then set aside some time for Malta diving, as it is worth it. It will give you an amazing experience during your trip to Europe. Moreover, you can add this to your Europe tour packages.

Besides the spectacular structures that can be found in the underwater world, a qualified diver, even in the initial stages. You can expose some of the cave systems. While other caves are deeper and darker and designated for advanced divers, the exit is one, and there is no surface point. The encounters with the sea divers do pump up your adrenaline.

Triathlon in Spain

No sports competition can surpass or even compare to a triathlon. It’s about the kind of players who are used to getting good at their game. No doubt, it takes a lot of your time to prepare and become a successful triathlon athlete. Still, there are specific programs in Girona, Spain, that have been designed for those who like the sport in the first place. If you don’t mind this being a trial, you will be paired with another three members and get to know more about triathlon as a beginner. You can try this adventure activity in your Europe trip package.

Rafting on the Tara River

Sitting on the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro is a tiny country that contains some of the most amazing views of Europe. The country is adorned with the Tara River. It flows all through the land. When spring and summer come, it is a place where rafting lovers meet. Moreover, it will give you the best experience while booking your best Europe tour packages. If you are traveling with your friends or family then book the best Europe tour packages.

Horse Riding, Spain

If horseback riding is more your type, you should try some of these adventure trips in Spain's region of Andalucía, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. There is that special sensation when it comes to walking on trails where hardly anyone walks throughout the year. If you are traveling with your family then you can book the best Europe tour packages and add this to your itinerary.

They may provide anything from four to seven-night trips in these mountains under the packages as the adventure world tours. It is in that way that you relent daily to walk on the trails. It's what you would expect from a good getaway from busy and big cities.

Surfing in Portugal

Even though Europe is not a surfer's place to consider, there are indeed some nice surfing destinations on the old continent. In Portugal, the ocean is on the horizon of millions of cities, and towns. Even villages that look at the sea with professional surfers from all around the globe. If you are a surfer and this is your dream travel destination, then Portugal is the right place to go. Porto, Lisbon, Peniche, Ericeira, and Algarve are all electrifying places for surfer enthusiasts. Moreover, you can enjoy this activity in your group also when you plan your trip to Europe.

Therefore, now you can easily book your best Europe tour packages or Europe family trip packages with Nitsa Holidays. You can also customize the package and enjoy it on your trip to Europe. So, connect with Nitsa Holidays and get ready to create new memories!