Vietnam's Unique Transportation: Cyclos, Water Taxis, and Overnight Trains

Vietnam is a country of different terrains, people have to travel through different transportation throughout their Vietnam travel package. People can enjoy different transportation options while enjoying the serene beauty of Vietnam. 

Enjoying the traditional cyclos of Vietnam is one of the must-have experiences in Vietnam. These are the traditional three-wheeled bicycles that are driven mainly around the areas of Vietnam. 

Nitsa Holidays provides tourists with the best travel options to discover around the country during one’s Vietnam travel package. Here are a few options that can allow you to visit Vietnam in actual Vietnamese style. 

Cyclos: The Traditional Vietnamese Vehicles 

Also known as pedicabs, Cyclos are the traditional mode of traveling in Vietnam. The Cyclos are three-wheeled vehicles that work similarly to the Indian auto rickshaws. Both of these vehicles are operated by drivers right behind the first wheel. 

People should travel in these vehicles during their explorations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City during their Vietnam trip package. These transportation options come as a very budget-friendly method since local Vietnamese people undertake the task of driving people around the city. 

The budget required for travelling in Cyclos by tourists is about INR 60 to 80. It is a very affordable method of transportation while traveling through different spots of a city locally. 

Water Taxis

Another mode of transportation while traveling through the clear waters of Vietnam is the water taxi. It is the most efficient mode of transportation while navigating through the rivers, canals, and water passages of Vietnam. 

Cities in Hoi An and Can Tho have water taxis as the primary mode of transportation that provide a refreshing time in the waters of Vietnam with a view of landscapes away from the bustling cities. 

While managing one’s package trip to Vietnam, people should consider the option of navigating through water taxis under a budget of INR 36 to 75. 

Overnight Trains 

The overnight train is the most comfortable and convenient mode of transportation in the major cities of Vietnam. These train cabins are equipped with sleeper coaches while traveling from Hanoi to Da Nang or from Ho Chi Minh City to Nha Trang. 

The average budget required for traveling in overnight trains in their package trip to Vietnam is about INR 3000 to 10,000. 

The best time to travel to different locations across Vietnam while enjoying the different views and landscapes across Vietnam is from November to April. People can enjoy the ideal temperature during these months allowing tourists to travel with ease. 

Although, one should not be worried about all such factors with Nitsa Holidays being their travel companion while planning their Vietnam tour package. 


Vietnam is a place worth discovering since it provides a variety of locations for exploration. From biking adventures to exploring the waters and caves of the spot, people can get themselves relaxed on the beaches surrounding the cities of Vietnam while traveling in style.