The great Elephant March in Kerala

Elephants are not just magnificent creatures in India, they’re also a very important part of the Hindu Culture. 

People all across the country cherish and worship these gigantic beasts and they have been symbols of prosperity and peace. 

Elephants do not just play a vital role in religious rituals but they have also become a major source of tourism. 

Tourism companies have used elephants in various ways to attract visitors. Some offer rides, playtime with baby elephants, bathing, and feeding them. However, the idea of just watching these animals in their natural habitat is also enough to attract tourists. 

The Tourism Department of Kerala has taken the idea of elephant watching to a whole other level. Kerala hosts the Puram festival in which 101 Tuskers, decorated beautifully, march across the state of Kerala whilst the crowd worships and admires them. The march starts from Thrissur and ends at Trivandrum. Visitors come in large numbers to be a part of this annual 4-day-long event where along with these beautiful giants, the culture and traditions of Kerala are also on display. Your trip to Kerala shouldn’t miss out on witnessing this marvelous experience! 

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The First day of the festival starts in Trichur where the 101 elephants, studded with glittering gold frontlets also known as nettipattam, beautiful flowers, and extraordinary ornaments, all specially designed for them, stand tall against each other. They are first fed whilst Melan, the traditional Keralan orchestra, plays beautiful rhythms in the background, and folk dancers perform the traditional dances. After the elephants are fed, it is time for the people to feast on a traditional Kerala-style lunch. Post lunch, one can engage in a thrilling elephant ride at the Thekkinadu grounds.

The festival includes the show of Kundamattham, a beautiful sight where the temples of Kerala exchange giant umbrellas and decorated glamorously

Another major event in this festival is the fireworks show where opponents engage in a battle of spectacular fireworks.

On the second day, the march reaches Cochin where you and your elephant cruise through the infamous marine drive.

The third day is a stop at Alleppey where visitors can experience a backwater boat ride and engage at the local markets whilst the elephants gear up for the final day.

The last stop is at the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram. The elaborate march comes to an end here and you say goodbye to your friendly ride, the elephant, but before that is a line of events

that the visitors will never forget. The infamous kalaripayattu, a traditional martial art style of Kerala; the traditional folk art forms and dances are performed by the locals and are the cherry on top of the cake! 

Location of The Elephant March- Thrissur, Kerala, India

Dates of the Event- January

Length of the Event- 3-4 Days

While the entire country celebrates these gigantic animals, Kerala worships, boasts, and promotes them in a unique style. Make this great elephant march a part of your Kerala Tour Plan and be ready for the best ride of your life!