Sri Lanka Delights: Must-Include Experiences in Your Tour Package

Have you ever been to Sri Lanka? If not well, let us tell you what this magical place holds within itself. Sri Lanka is not very far from India, It is also not very different from India but it is definitely far and different enough to choose it as an international travel destination that will show you new experiences and new adventures, but it will also not feel extremely unfamiliar to the point that it becomes uncomfortable. When we say India and Sri Lanka are similar, we mean that there are some similarities in terms of cultures, their rich beliefs, their connection with nature, and the use of spices and condiments. However, when we say that there are minute differences, it is also how they have a different and unique understanding of customs and how it has use the same ingredients and spices available in India in a different way. 

Sri Lanka is a very beautiful country that has a very vivid landscape. The population of the country resembles the Southern part of India to a great extent and so do the flavors. If you ever ask somebody who has been to Sri Lanka to point out some of the best things, the beautiful landscape, the engaging adventures, and the scrumptious cuisine will probably top the list. Apart from telling you about the best things in Sri Lanka, we are very confident that they will urge you to go to this place If you have never had the chance to do so.  Nitsa Holidays also urges you to do the same! It is our guarantee that you will not regret a single minute you spend in Sri Lanka and you will come back with buckets and buckets of memories. Once you are convinced to book your holiday trip to Sri Lanka, you can come check out our packages such as Sri Lanka group tour packages from India, Sri Lanka family travel packages from India, and Sri Lanka couples tour packages from India. It is a place that is friendly for a family trip, It is also a fun place to go with your friends and it serves as the perfect location for a romantic trip with your partner. What is the wait then? Come check out the amazing range of activities you can try in Sri Lanka and then start packing your bags.

Whale watching

Sri Lanka is surrounded by beautiful waters and these waters hold some mysteries within themselves. One of the biggest mysteries, literally, that it holds is the magnificent whales. These creatures are not your ordinarily available animals. Most of us have only seen them in pictures or videos but Sri Lanka offers you the chance to not only spot these giant and beautiful mammals but also to see them play, jump, and swim around. This activity is slightly pricey,  however, it is an experience that is worth spending every single penny for. I mean how often do you get to see whales, right? The best time to observe and see the whales frequently is during the months of March and April. If you are lucky enough to come to Sri Lanka, make sure you also include this activity in your itinerary.

The train ride from Kandy to Ella

We all must remember the train rides Harry Potter and his friends took to go to Hogwarts, right? Well, it’s not completely impossible for you to see those views out of your movie screens. It is extremely possible for you to get a very similar experience in Sri Lanka. The train journey from Kandy to Ella is known as one of the most picturesque and breathtaking train rides in the world. The views that you witness are simply out of a fairytale and your eyes will not be able to stop relishing and cherishing these. From mountains to waterfalls to tea plantations to clouds, you will be able to see the most beautiful sites in this six-hour-long train journey. We highly recommend you include this activity on your trip to Sri Lanka.

Trekking at Adam’s peak

This place is believed to be one of the most spiritual sites in the whole of Sri Lanka. The top of Adam’s Peak is believed to house the footprints of Lord Buddha and hundreds and hundreds of people go there every day to witness this enchanting site. The Trail is also full of wonderful views of the valleys and the green lush landscape of Sri Lanka. From the beginning of the trek to the end, this entire journey is the most soulful and calming experience that you can try in Sri Lanka.

Exploring Colombo

The capital city of Sri Lanka Colombo is an ultra-modern location that has a lot to offer to visitors. The skyline of Colombo is magnificent to see and the nightlife of Colombo is as vibrant as one can imagine. You can also visit some remarkable landmarks and monuments that will not only show you Sri Lanka’s beautiful connection to the past, but it will also give you a glimpse of how wonderfully it is moving ahead. For a luxury experience, you can head to one of its world-class casinos or go and shop from some of the best stores in the country. Columbo is definitely a must-visit when you come to Sri Lanka as the vibrancy is something you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

Trying the amazing SriLankan cuisine

The food in Sri Lanka resembles the food in the Southern part of India a lot since both are coastal land surrounded by water. The use of coconut, seafood, and rice will bring you a sense of familiarity, but how the Sri Lankans have used these ingredients in a different manner will expose your taste buds to a whole new level of joy. You will find luxurious and high-end restaurants but also amazing street food in Sri Lanka and we recommend that you try both on your trip to Sri Lanka to experience the best of both worlds. 

Visit the national parks of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has some amazing National Parks and wildlife that you can visit to experience a unique adventure. You will find some of the most amazing varieties of species of both flora and fauna, and there are places where you can engage with elephants and play with them apart from just riding them. The Yala National Park will show you the fierce leopards of Sri Lanka and the Minneria National Park will bring you beautiful migratory birds and gatherings of elephants.

Visiting the temples of Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan population is a follower of Buddhism and there are some magnificent temples that you must definitely visit. All of these temples are surrounded by the thickest layer of calmness and serenity and they will teach you new meanings of peace and devotion. A must-visit temple on your trip to Sri Lanka is the Sacred Tooth  Relic Temple which is believed to house the real truth of Lord Buddha and is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

Beach hopping

Sri Lanka is a coastal paradise that has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. When you are on a trip to Sri Lanka, you must definitely spend some of your afternoons relaxing at the beaches. If you want to try some adventures, you can try some amazing water activities. However, if your plan is just to laze around, you can do so at the silky sands, whilst admiring the beautiful crystal clear waters and the mesmerizing sky.

Exploring the tea gardens

Sri Lanka also has some beautiful tea gardens similar to those we have in India. You must definitely visit these tea gardens to learn the art of tea cultivation, a drink that all of us enjoy at least once a day. You can see how the delicate leaves are plucked and then converted into the fine powder that we receive from shops. These tea gardens are also extremely beautiful to look at and they seem like endless green tracks that call out to you.

Sri Lanka undoubtedly has a lot to offer to tourists starting from the amazing beach life to the peaceful temple visits; from amazing cuisines to learning the art of tea creation. On one end of the country, you can see the most divine connection between history, culture, and heritage, whereas on the other part of the country, you will see the most futuristic and modernistic sites. Sri Lanka is definitely a wonderful location to choose for your holiday since everything that you can think of, everything that you would want to do on a vacation, and everything that brings joy and happiness is available here. Do not wait any longer. Let Nitsa holidays plan a wonderful journey for you in the magical land known as Sri Lanka. You will undoubtedly bring back the most beautiful memories along with the most wonderful pictures.