Azerbaijan's Nightlife Scene: Entertainment and Dining in Tour Packages

There are pretty high chances that you and the people you know may not have been to Azerbaijan in your life and it’s not your fault. Azerbaijan is a place that is quite unheard of and quite underrated when it comes to famous tourist destinations. However, we must be thankful to social media influencers and the bright minds of today who have put in a lot of effort to bring places like Azerbaijan onto the map and to everyone’s notice. A few years ago, this place would not have been the topmost choice of many however, that is not the case today. Azerbaijan is one of the best places for anybody to pick, especially Indians and Nitsa Holidays is here to tell you why

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country in the Asian continent, which borders Europe, due to which it is not just a magical land that reflects the best of Asian cultures and traditions but it is also like a mini Europe. Azerbaijan is lined by the gorgeous Caspian coastline which has given it some of the most beautiful beaches and tropical views. However, Azerbaijan is not a tropical country, it actually has a very vivid landscape which is also bordered by the Great Caucasian Mountains in the north and has some of the best winter getaway locations. You will find both snowy adventures such as skiing, and snowboarding as well as water sports like parasailing and scuba-diving in the same country. Just like the vividity in the landscape, the culture and traditions of Azerbaijan are also very vivid. In one part of the country, you will find quaint, small villages that will tell you the stories of Azerbaijan’s past, and present to you some iconic buildings, monuments, and museums all glorifying and boasting the Azerbaijani culture and heritage, On the other part of the country you will also find heaven touching buildings, advanced technology and modern atmosphere. Azerbaijan is also famously known as the land of fire and the name comes from some of its iconic hidden gems such as the ever-glowing Temple of Fire, the breathtaking alive mud volcanoes, the UNESCO-recognised heritage sites, and the enchanting singing stones. All in all, Azerbaijan is a mystery in itself that is worth exploring and learning about. 

When it comes to Indians, the love for traveling is very deep. Indians have been seen to travel for multiple reasons. Be it to bond with their families, to learn about a new place, to escape the monotonous lifestyle, to gather some knowledge, to click some wonderful pictures, to make memories with their friends, or to have some intimate time with their partners, Indians always look for ways to travel and that is the reason why Nitsa holidays was birthed. The Indian requirements while traveling are somewhat unique and specific such as the budgetary preferences, safety requirements, food choices, and the worthiness of the location. These needs and requirements are essential to catered, to ensure that Indians have a good time while traveling and Nitsa Holidays has done exactly the same! We are a travel and tour agency that is based out of Delhi and keeping all the above points in mind, we have chosen some favorite spots for Indians and also included some spots that we believe Indians would love and created iconic tour packages. When it comes to Azerbaijan, our packages are highly customizable and budget-friendly. They ensure comfort and safety and they guarantee a whole lot of memories. You can choose from our Azerbaijan group tour packages from India, Azerbaijan family tour packages from India, and Azerbaijan couples tour packages from India and head onto the most magical journey of your life.

When you are in Azerbaijan, the morning and the day are going to be occupied with you exploring the city, learning about the culture, going to some iconic landmarks, and having a wonderful time, but what about the night?  Unlike a few countries in the world, Azerbaijan's nightlife may be a little unheard of. However, we can tell you that you can probably have some of the most enjoyable endings to your nights in this country. Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan, is known to be one of the most vibrant, fun, and exotic areas in the entire country. As the sun goes down, the city lights up and the gorgeous skyline turns into a magical affair. The streets are lined with clubs, pubs, and bars playing amazing music, they are crowded with people dancing and singing their hearts out and having a wonderful time! When you are on any holiday trip, it is very essential to end your night the right way and in this article, we will be guiding you on how to do it in Azerbaijan but first, let’s learn a little bit more about the country.

How to go to Azerbaijan?

You can take direct flights from the major cities of India, such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, etc to the Baku International Airport. Reaching Azerbaijan from India will take anywhere from about 7 to 11 hours depending upon the airlines you pick.

How many days should you spend in Azerbaijan?

The length of your trip can depend upon availability and your reason for travel. However, Nitsa Holidays suggests that if you want to see the best locations, try the best adventures, and capture the best of Azerbaijan, you need a minimum of seven days in this country.

What is the budget required to go to Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is known to have some of the cheapest hotels, accommodations, and packages for visitors. Not just inside Azerbaijan, the flight fares and the visa fee for Indians are also lesser compared to any other international destinations. You can easily do a seven-day trip in Azerbaijan for less than INR 50,000 per person. However, if you are a party freak and you wish to include some enjoyable evenings, going to clubs and pubs, then the budget may increase slightly.

What can you see in Azerbaijan during the night?

Just like you can take tours of the city during the day, you can also do it during the night. As the sun sets, the streets light up and the iconic landmarks and the city of Baku become a sight to behold. Exploring the culture, the buildings, and the skyline at night is a totally different affair and you must definitely go on a night tour of the city on your Azerbaijan trip as some of the places will enchant you and turn your vacation into a whole other magical deal.

Flame Towers- Azerbaijan is known as the land of fire and there are multiple sites in the country that choose to boast and reflect it whenever possible. The Flame Towers are two iconic and uniquely designed buildings that tower over the skyline of Baku. This Marvel is a unique sight not just during the day, but in the night as well. As the sun goes down, these towers light up in magical colors that take the already amazing skyline of Baku to the next level. Tourists line up in numbers to witness the sight and it also serves as the most breathtaking backdrop of your photographs. Just like the name reflects, the towers appear as majestic flames, flickering in the middle of the sky and glowing and shining its light all over the city.

The Old City of Baku- hidden in the modernist city of Baku is a gem that is the perfect way of learning about the history and the rich heritage of Azerbaijan. Any Azerbaijan tour package is incomplete without going to the old city of Baku and in the night the aura and the vibes are completely different. The streets are lit up in dim lights and learning about the past of the country, visiting the palace of Shirvanshahs, and clicking pictures of the Maiden Towers is a worthwhile experience at night.

Baku Boulevard- the Caspian Sea provides a wonderful coastline to the country of Azerbaijan. In the day, you can have fun at the beaches however, at night the waterfront comes alive with beautiful lights, panoramic views, quirky cafes, magnificent fountains, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Highland Park and Flag Square- Highland Park is the highest point of the city where visitors love to go and get panoramic views of Baku’s jaw-dropping skyline during the night. Located next to it is the Flag Square which is also the tallest flagpole in the entire country and the sight of it at night as it lights up is extremely enchanting and magical to witness.

What can you do in Azerbaijan during the night?

If you are done with sightseeing and you want to spend your evening partying, dancing, listening to amazing music, and vibing with the crowds, then Baku offers a whole array of pubs, bars, and clubs, which will undoubtedly cheer you up and bring smiles to your faces. There are hundreds and hundreds of places that you can visit in Baku, however, Nitsa Holidays has created a list of some of the best in the city.

Madrid bar- just like the name reflects, the Madrid bar in Baku is an amazing spot where you will not just be served a Spanish atmosphere and aura but amazing food and drinks as well. This is a comparatively quieter place where you can go with friends, families, or your partners and have an enjoyable evening whilst appreciating all that Azerbaijan has to offer.

The Phoenix Pub- the Phoenix Pub is a popular choice for a lot of visitors, tourists, and locals. The pub not only offers a wide array of creatively curated cocktails but it also has amazing indoor games for guests to enjoy and have a fun time. You will always find live music performed by locals in this pub, and you will always find big smiles and entertained guests in this place.

ETUD Cafe and Bar- if you are a fan of jazz music, you must definitely head to this place when you are in Baku. There are always live bands performing amazing jazz music shows and serving the perfect environment to customers. The dim lights in the bar are the perfect accompaniment to the music, to the amazing range of drinks, and the wide selection of food.

360 bar- if you want a luxury affair to enjoy your night in Baku, you should undoubtedly go to the 360 bar. This is a rooftop Cafe at the Hilton hotel and this five-star restaurant not only serves you panoramic views of the city but the seating area also slowly rotates to add to its uniqueness. Just like any other five-star hotel, you will find a wide range of drinks and food served to you along with top-notch service and facilities.

Pivnaya Apteka- this is an unmissable addition to your Azerbaijan tour package and here is why. The name translates to “ beer pharmacy” and that is exactly what you get in this place. The restaurant is decorated in a quirky yet creative way where everything will remind you of a pharmacy. The glassware, cutlery, and even the waiters are dressed up as doctors, but don’t worry they will not serve you prescriptions, they will bring to you some amazing burgers and drinks from the open kitchen.

Finnegan’s- Irish pubs have made their mark in the entire world and who knew you could find one of the best ones in Baku? This place will bring you the most wide selection of beers anywhere in the country and the decor of the place also feels straight out of Ireland. The cozy atmosphere, the vintage vibe, and the wooden chairs and tables are all a part of creating the perfect evening for you. And you will either get an energetic game to watch on a big screen or you will be able to witness a vibrant music performance by a local band here.

The nightlife of Azerbaijan certainly does not fall short and you will undoubtedly have the best time with your friends, your partners, or your family. To ensure that the days you spend in Baku end with heading to its amazing pubs and bars which will not only be the right ending to your night but will also gear you up for the next day‘s adventure.