Historical Forts of Kerala: Tracing the State's Past

The state of Kerala, also popularly known as God’s own country has magnificently maintained and highlighted its history and traditions throughout the land. Its beautiful museums, religious institutions, and ancient buildings all demonstrate glorious architecture and tales of brilliance, bravery, and beauty.              

Forts are timeless stamps of history. Built often by important figures of the past, they also reflect the stories of how the current world has been shaped. A trip to Kerala would be incomplete without visiting the iconic monuments and revisiting the tales of antiquity.

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Palakkad Fort

You cannot mention Kerala without the name of Tipu Sultan in it. The Palakkad Fort, built by Tipu Sultan’s father, Hyder Ali, is the most well-preserved monument in the state. Also known as Tipu’s Fort, this place has everything, from a jail and Lord Hanuman’s shrine to a children’s park and an auditorium. Your Kerala tour plan will be incomplete without a visit to this place!

Location: Palakkad-Koduvayur, Meenakshipuram Highway, Kenathuparabu, Kunathumedu, Chittur-Thathamangalam, Palakkad, Kerala

Visiting Hours: Daily 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fees: Nil

Bekal Fort

The latest fort in Kerala, the Bekal fort was also under the rule of Tipu Sultan during his reign. Providing a breathtaking view of the sea, the big holes on the walls also display its role during the war times.

Location: Kasaragod Road, PO Bekal Fort, Beside Bekal Fort Railway Station District, Bekal, Kerala

Visiting Hours: 8 AM - 6 PM

Entry Fees: Indians- Rs. 5/person, Foreigners- Rs. 100/person

Pallipuram Fort

Known to be amongst the most ancient European-style forts in India is the Pallipuram Fort. Built by Portuguese sailors in a unique hexagonal shape with wood, it is now covered with thick vegetation that symbolizes its ancestral roots. It is also known to have underground pathways that go under rivers and lands and serve as an escape route during wars. This fort is a must-visit spot on your Kerala Travel Package.

Location: Pallipuram, Kochi, Kerala

Visiting Hours: Tuesday to Sunday [ 9:30 AM - 5 PM]

Entry Fees: Nil

Thalassery Fort

Thalassery is not just famous for its biryani, but its iconic monuments, too. Kerala’s forts are famed for secret pathways leading to the sea and Thalassery Fort also has one. Used by the British as a trading center for spices and timber, this fort is a strong display of the past. The lighthouse, the wooden carved doors, and the huge walls are a great source of a history lesson. 

Location:  Panvel Highway, Pilakool, Thalassery, Kerala

Visiting Hours: Daily 8 AM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fees: Nil

St. Angelo Fort

Another unique creation of the Portuguese settlers of India in the 1600s, the St. Angelo Fort, also known as Kanoor Fort, is a statement of the rich history of Kerala. A triangular structure with laterite walls, this fort also attracts visitors for the breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea and Dharmadam Island. 

Location: Near Cannanore Cantonment, Burnacherry, Kannur, Kerala

Visiting Hours: Daily 8 AM - 5:30 PM

Entry Fees: Nil