Exploring Bali by Bike: Cycling Adventures Through Scenic Landscapes

Bali being a place with beautiful scenic attractions, is one of the best spots for people who love embarking on cycling adventures. Biking adventures through different locations of Bali should be included by people in their Bali tour package

Nitsa Holidays comes as a one-stop platform for curating a perfect Bali trip package, designed specially to cater to your exploration needs. One can go through beautiful trails of serene mountains and fields while discovering hidden gems in the heart of Bali. 

People can also book biking tours through their Bali group tour packages to follow and discover such trails along the routes of Bali. Although, here are the best spots for biking that one should consider in their Bali travel packages

Spots for Biking in Bali

Several locations in Bali can be enjoyed through the serene spots of Bali. Some of such spots that should be covered during one’s biking adventure in Bali are listed below. 

1. Paddy Fields in Ubud 

One of the must-cover destinations in Bali while booking their biking Bali Indonesia package is to discover the location of Ubud. It has a downhill ride which comes easy to riders who have just got into biking adventures while enjoying the beauty of Ubud. 

People can enjoy the views of rice fields and discover the traditional farming techniques ongoing in Bali. One can also enjoy the countryside essence of Bali throughout their bike ride in Ubud. This bike ride in Ubud can last for about 6 hours. 

2. Jatiluwih Rice Terraces 

Listed as one of UNESCO's heritage sites, the Jatiluwih rice terraces are one of the best locations for having a bike ride through the natural scenic beauty of Bali. People looking for an opportunity to discover the agricultural life of Bali should not miss a chance to bike around this area. 

Bali group tour packages should include rides through the Jatiluwih rice terraces to explore the lush green areas of Bali.

3. Black Lava Cycling in Mount Batur 

The biking trip through Mount Batur can be tougher since one has to travel up the hill but is worth the view. People can expect breathtaking views of the mountain and the landscapes around it. 

Mount Batur is considered a sacred mountain but provides a terrain with rocky black lava that has been accumulated due to past volcanic eruptions. The biking track on the mountain also comes with beautiful views of the ocean below. 

The best time to go on biking tours around Mount Batur is from April to October, majorly during the dry seasons to get the best experience. 

4. Sidemen Village 

The Sidemen village is one of the lesser discovered areas of Bali which has the actual capacity to provide the authentic Bali experience. The bike ride around this village can take up to 9 hours. 

Moreover, people can get amazing views of Mount Agung while riding around the areas of this village. Hence, making your Bali holiday packages worth it!


Bali is a very lucrative holiday destination where different activities can be done while enjoying nature's beauty. People can enjoy satisfying bike rides through the valleys of Bali and can make their trip memorable.