Bali: Beyond the Beaches - Exploring the Cultural Heart of the Island

Bali is a city in Indonesia prominently famous for its beautiful beaches and a retreat to nature. With the essence of Bali lying on its beaches, several other spots in the location are beyond just the beaches. 

While booking a Bali tour package, one should always look at the places they are going to visit throughout their trip. Apart from the beaches, one should look for other attractions in the city that highlight the history, culture, and heritage of the place. 

Known as the island of gods, Bali has a rich culture and heritage which people should discover during their Bali trip package. Here are some of the best places that will help you discover the heritage of Bali and discover more than just beaches. 

Discovering Bali Throughout 

Bali has a rich historical presence and has unique cultures of Indonesia basing the daily lives of people living in Bali. Although Bali is one of the most attractive tourist spots, people tend to miss out on real adventure. 

Hence, here are a few options to watch out for while booking Bali holiday packages that can enhance the experience you are looking out for during your trip to the islands. 

1. The Cultural Capital of Ubud 

Ubud is the actual cultural heart of Bali and is covered with things to discover in the area. Located in the central highlands of Indonesia, Ubud is considered to be an artistically rich town with various spots to discover such as traditional art shops, museums, and galleries along with some historical temples. 

Ubud is a place listed as a must-visit location with one’s Bali travel packages. The people living in the city tend to keep their culture and traditions alive which should be discovered by tourists visiting the city.

2. Cuisine 

Food is a major segment through which one can understand the daily lives and impact of nature in people’s natural habitat. Bali being an island is bound to have a hint of seafood in their regular cuisine. 

People coming for a vacation here can get their hands on offline cooking classes that are included in their Bali tour package. Moreover, one should not miss the chance to taste some local dishes of Bali such as nasi goreng (fried rice), babi guling (suckling pig), and lawar which is the spicy minced meat salad. 

Discovering the cuisine of a particular location can give you the real essence of the daily lives of people living there and hence provide travelers with an authentic experience. 

3. Discovering the Temples 

Under your Bali Indonesia packages, one must have noticed how Bali is called the island of a thousand temples. The temples of Bali cover an integral part of their culture and tourists must visit such locations to get a better understanding of the daily culture and traditions of people living in the city. 

Tanah Lot is considered one of the most significant temples present in the location which also comes with a breathtaking view since it is located on the rocky outcrops near the sea.


While booking your Bali group tour packages, one should always go through the details of their site visits and look out for locations that can give you an authentic experience of the place. Nitsa Holidays provides all such features in your trip and gives you a hassle-free experience. 

Hence, during your stay in the islands of Bali, make sure to get in touch with the real side of the country and make each moment worthwhile.