Romantic Escapes: London Tour Packages for Couples from India

Love Experts say that it is really important to keep the spark in your love alive throughout your life. The butterfly period that one talks about in the love affair shouldn’t only be restricted to the first few months, your life only feels content and happy if you feel these butterflies around your lover until the end of time. Love experts also say that there are things called love languages that each of us has within ourselves. For some, their love language can be an act of touch; for some, their love language could be buying each other’s presents and for some people that love language could be traveling together with their partners. Traveling is one of the most fruitful solutions for anybody in today's world. We are all accustomed to waking up and heading to our 9-to-5 office jobs, coming back tired, and continuing the same routine for the entire week. This sort of robotic lifestyle often leads to no work-life balance and it not only destroys one’s mental health but it also affects the bond between two people. Traveling is a very wonderful solution that we have been given to avoid this, and we highly urge you to plan and take out a few days of your life to go on a holiday together.

The Next step for the two of you to decide is the place that you would want to go to for your trip. When it comes to suggesting romantic destinations, the best places that Nitsa Holidays always suggest and it tops the list is London. One of the mysteries that Sherlock Holmes solved while living in London was that London is the most romantic place in the entire world, and we totally believe in it. If you are in the butterfly stage, the vacation would be wonderful! If you have been together for a while, this can be a way to re-spark the butterflies! If you are looking for a place for a honeymoon, London is perfect! If you haven’t been married and you have yet to pick a location, London can still be ideal if you have been years into your marriage and you want to get some alone time with your partner away from family and friends, and your usual lifestyle, you should go to London!

London is a wonderful and unique place. The Europeans have time and again shown us that London is equal to magic through music, dance shows, movies, stories, etc and it’s time we go and find it out for ourselves. For years and years, London has been attracting millions of tourists not just for business, but also for culture, art, food, and entertainment. It is a place where on one hand you will see the Royal Palace dating back to the 1800s and on the other hand, you will see an ultra-modern building that is based upon futuristic ideas and designs. It is a place where you will see a beautiful amalgamation of traditions and backgrounds [thanks to the English traveling the entire globe back in the day]. All in all, London is a very wonderful place to choose not just for a romantic tour but it can also be ideal for family tours and group tours. Remember this point for your next trip to London after you come back from the couple's trip!

Now how would you go to London? via flight right? But what about after reaching London? Where would you go in London? How would you travel in London? Where would you live in London? What would you see in London? Does it seem a little overwhelming? Well don’t worry, you are in the right place! Nitsa Holiday is a travel and tour agency based out of Delhi and we have had the honor of planning hundreds of London tour packages for our loving Indian population we have a wide range of packages such as London group tour packages from India, London family tour packages from India and the best of all, London couples tour packages from India. All of our packages are highly customizable and they ensure that you are provided with everything you need, your preferences are met and you are comfortable all throughout. We include all the must-visit places and activities in your packages. For example, the London family tour packages will house family-friendly activities and locations, whereas the London couples tour packages will seek intimate and romantic places, hotels, and activities that would help the two of you resurface your love. 

Now let’s go ahead and learn a little bit more about why London is the right destination for your getaway journey and what your trip is going to look like.

What is the best time for couples to go to London?

If the two of you wish to go to London during the peak seasons that see the maximum amount of tourists coming to London, then you should pick the months between May and July. If you and your partner like the rainy seasons, then you should go between the months of August to November. However, if you are on a budget trip to London, then you should choose the months of March and April, when the prices drop extremely low.

What is the minimum budget required for a romantic couples tour to London?

The two of you can easily spend seven romantic days in London under INR. 2,00,000 but if you do not have a budgetary restraint, then you can take it up as high as possible.

How can you reach London for your couples tour?

You can take a flight from any of the major cities of India such as Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Delhi to reach the London International Airport.

Is London a PDA-friendly location?

Unlike a lot of other countries and cities, London is very PDA-friendly and it is safe for us to see that London loves love!

Does London have romantic hotels?

Yes, the city that welcomes and shows off love definitely has some of the most romantic and intimate hotels in the entire world. They all ensure that the couples are provided not just with good service and hospitality but they also ensure that they have privacy and a chance to bond with each other. Here is our list of the top hotels in London that are suitable for couples.

1-The Milestone Hotel- starting from INR 40,000/- per night.

2-The Langham London- starting from INR 43,000/- per night

3-Shangri-La, the Shard, London- starting from INR 52,000/- for night

However, if you are looking for some budget-friendly options for you and your partner that ensure a comfortable stay and do not compromise on privacy and intimacy, here are some of the options:

1-St. Christopher’s Inn, London- starting from INR. 3,700/- per night.

2-Holiday Inn Express, London- starting from INR 5,000/- per night.

3-Britannia International Hotel, London- starting from INR 6,000/- per night.

Where can you dine in London that is also romantic?

The city that is surrounded by a layer of love and is also known for the most amazing cuisine in the world has obviously combined both of these factors and created multiple dining options for guests and partners who want to impress each other. Here are some of the restaurants in London where spending some time and devouring a meal will remind you of the first date with your partner.

1-Ayllu Restaurant Bar, Paddington, London

2-8 at the Londoner, Leicester Square

3-Number 1 Duke Street, Richmond, London

4-Bourne and Hollingsworth, London

5-Ollie’s house, Chelsea, London

Which activities can you do in London that are the perfect addition to your couples tour package?

Based on your and your partner's preferences, you can choose to do multiple things in London. There are adventurous activities, there are entertaining activities, there are romantic spots and so much more! Here is our list of the best options for you to choose from when in London:

1-London Eye- London Eye is a giant Ferris wheel in the center of the city. It is a 30-minute ride that lets you view the gorgeous views, sights, and skyline of London. It can accommodate up to 25 people. However, you can book a private ride for you and your partner known as the London Eye champagne experience there, you will not only get amazing views in a private and intimate environment, but you will do that along with the most luxurious and fancy glass of champagne.

2-Go cruising with your partner- London's most famous river is the Thames River and you can go on a private and romantic cruise with your partner on this gorgeous and scenic river that also shows you some of the best sites, landmarks, and monuments of London.

3-Watch a romantic Sunset- you and your partner can go to Parliament Hill, and apart from touring this building, learning about its history, and admiring the architecture, you can also see one of the most magnificent sunsets. 

4-Head to the Sky Garden- London’s Sky Garden is a very unique place where the creative architects of London have built not just the tallest building but also constructed a green garden at the top. This place has wall-to-ceiling glasses from where you can view the entire city of London, but you can also be around fresh greenery and a romantic atmosphere.

5-Saint Paul’s Cathedral- Saint Paul’s Cathedral is one of the oldest and the most beautiful cathedrals in the entire world. Visitors come in very high numbers to get a glimpse of this divine place and seek some blessings you and your partner can head to the whispering Gallery of the cathedral, where you can secretly whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears and ask the Almighty to bless your relationship.

6-Explore Hyde Park- Hyde Park is one of the biggest city parks in the entire world and it houses many things from sculptures, structures, fountains, gardens, flowers, and play areas. You can do anything and everything here, hold your partner’s hand and go for a romantic walk or choose some fun adventures such as cycling, skating, or dancing!

7-Visit John Keats House- poems are the most romantic way of expressing feelings and one name that has always done it in the best manner is the iconic John Keats and you can visit his house in London. If you are a fan of poetry, you can read out some iconic and love-filled lines to your partner.

8-Candlelit Museum tour- only in London can a museum tour turn romantic. In Sir John Soaine’s museum, you not only look at amazing artifacts and learn about history, but you also get to do it in a very romantic atmosphere which is covered in beautiful candles.

9-Helicopter tours- if you and your partner a fans of admiring beautiful scenes and sites, but also enjoy an adventurous and thrilling ride, the helicopter tour in London is just the thing for you to pick on your London couple tour package. The two of you will be taken on a private, romantic yet adrenaline-pumping helicopter ride, and shown the most magnificent sites of the city

10-Go shopping with your partner- buying each other gifts and presents is one of the most common love languages, and you must also head to some of London’s best markets and get them memorable and enjoyable gifts. From chocolates to clothes to shoes to jewelry to accessories to fragrances, you will find anything and everything in London.

We believe that by now it has been made very clear that London is the most romantic and ideal city for you to choose for your couples tour package. It has hundreds and hundreds of options when it comes to adventures, activities, accommodations, experiences, and food and we have picked out the best for you in this article and we can do the same for your London Couples tour package as well.