Jamia Masjid: Srinagar's Architectural Gem

The Jamia Masjid mosque is 600 years old and situated in Srinagar. It is unique in the sense that it is located in the Nowhatta area, between those vibrant local bazaars. The mosque is a quiet place for those who appreciate the architectural design.  The unique feature of the hall is the 378 wooden Deodar pillars. The mosque is crowded to full capacity on Fridays. Moreover, once you are done with the Jammu Kashmir travel package make sure to visit here.

The construction of Jamia Masjid by the Kashmiri ruler Sultan Sikandar Shah took place in 1394. It was Mir Mohammad Hamadani, who was Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani's son, who gave the orders. Sultan Sikandar's son, Zain-ul-Abidin, built up the Jama Masjid by adding the towers to the original structure. 

The attractive features of the Indo-Saracenic style find their echo in the architecture of Jamia Masjid. Moreover, these buildings do not only resemble Buddhist temples. Here are some details of the Jama Masjid you should know before making your booking Jammu and Kashmir trip.

Timings: 3:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Time Required: 1-2 hrs

Constructed in: 1394 AD

Dress Code: Cover your head before entering the mosque

The Architecture of Jamia Mosque

The Exterior

The mosque's exterior has a unique blend of Persian and Kashmiri architecture. The main entrance gate is known as the Khanqah Porch. It has Persian architecture reflected on it as a great example. It is decorated with carved works, artistic writing, and beautiful arches that show the skills of the Persian artisans. The exterior of the Mosque of Jamia signifies the presence of huge arched windows, carved wooden screens, and painted gorgeous ceilings. Colorful tiles and simple but very well-coordinated designs are all that decorate the mosque. Moreover, it is one of the highlighted places in your Sri Nagar tour package.

The Courtyard

When you enter the mosque, you are welcomed into a large courtyard that has room for a large number of worshippers. It features carved reliefs. The pillars of the mosque are carved with rich designs and Persian writing. It is not only beautiful but also gives the mosque historic significance.

The Prayer Hall

The Jamia Mosque’s prayer hall is both an aesthetic and structural achievement. It boasts decorated wooden panels and colorful paintings that represent Islamic history and religious teachings. The grand central pulpit is known as Mehrab. It is artistic and plays a central role in the prayer hall’s decor.

Visitors Experience

Visiting the Jama Masjid on your Jammu and Kashmir trip or Sri Nagar Trip inspires the hearts of both visitors and locals. There is an atmosphere of quiet and purity when you cross into this beautiful and large courtyard. The sound of the call to prayer echoes across the sky. They are calling on the believers to address the Supreme properly. A lightning effect is created by careful art, and the fresh atmosphere promotes reflection and prayer. The sight from the top of almost all the mosques is amazing.

Preservation Efforts

The conservation of Jama Masjid heritage is a joint mission that the government, local people, and heritage preservationists should care about. Steps are taken to keep the mosque in its original architectural beauty. It is also rectifying the damage done by natural as well as artificial processes. It also preserves the mosque as a symbol of faith and culture for the coming generations. Furthermore, dedicated efforts are being made to spread knowledge of the importance of the mosque. It is to promote a tourism industry that will contribute to the economic development of the region.

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