Beyond the City: Discovering Dubai's Desert Attractions

When you hear the word Dubai, you automatically picturise a scene out of Aladdin, the widespread golden glory situated on the Arabian desert. Looking for an adrenaline boost on your Dubai Tour Package? Nitsa holiday is offering a trip to the electrifying, thrilling, and exciting spot, The Dubai Desert Safari at the best price. Choose from a wide selection of activities ranging from camel rides, henna sessions, skiing, sand boarding, and many more. The picturesque backdrop is bound to give the most spectacular snapshots.

Surround yourself with the well renowned white sand that takes you on a journey of Dubai’s rich culture and exotic wildlife. Start your trip with a pickup service provided at your doorstep, escape the city full of sky high buildings, and enter into the world of the majestic Dubai Desert. Here are the highlights of The Dubai Desert Safari that you must include on your Dubai Travel Package.

Camel Rides

This is going bumpiest yet the most adventurous ride of your life. A 45-minute trip on the back of a majestic camel, guiding you along the seamless stretch of the Arabian desert and exploring the native wildlife is a worthy addition. The best time for it is during the sunset hours where it takes you through the ginormous sand dunes with the most spectacular view of the sky and glorious falcon displays. 

Desert Skiing and Snowboarding 

A thrilling adventure to add to your Dubai Tour Package, Desert skiing and Snowboarding is a sure shot way of destressing. Slide down the golden sand dunes and feel your heart elevating with joy and excitement!

Desert Sunrise and Sunset

If the start and end to your day includes warm orange hues of the sun shifting and glorifying the horizon, you are bound to have a good day and an even better night. Absorb the sun rays from the magnificent open sky and feel your mind and soul immersing in the breezy air.

Dune Bashing

A heart pumping experience for the adventurous souls, dune bashing tops the list of every Dubai Tour Package. Inclusive of a fast paced 30-minute jeep ride through the enormous sand dunes, nothing will ever top this. 

Quad biking

Ride the thrilling terrains of the Arabian desert in a four-wheeled motorbike, guided by experts, taking you through a journey of the vast open canyons and make memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Air Balloon Ride

Especially crafted for Dubai Couple Packages, the hot air balloon ride journeying 4000 ft above the desert will give you a 360 degree view of the ethereal landscape that changes color at every step. This activity is a perfect blend between thrill and peace. 

Eventful Nights

The nights are filled with exotic events such as the famous belly dancing, feast of traditional barbecue and local cuisines, watch a nerve wracking fire eating show and experience the rich heritage of the city. 


After a plethora of fun filled activities and a breathtaking sunset, arrives the most serene part of this safari, the star studded sky. Experience the enchanting sight of a vast range of constellations surrounded by a peaceful aura of the quiet and lonesome desert. Camp under this stellar display whilst enjoying a cup of Arabian coffee.

Escape the madness of the face paced city and enter into a world of tranquility. The Dubai Desert Safari is a ride you wouldn’t want to end.