Design Your Dream Vacation: Customized London Tour Packages from India

Growing up, we all probably didn’t realize how strong an influence England has had in our lives. One of the nursery rhymes that all of us are familiar with is the “London Bridge is falling down” and at that stage, it was just any ordinary song to us. When we were in high school, we were introduced to history lessons and classes about colonization. That is where we were told how the Englishman went around the globe trying to find things they wanted to take back to their country and leaving very strong marks behind. Another thing that we missed out on noticing was the language all of us use very commonly today, English. Where do you think that came from, huh?

Englishmen and not just proud people, they also believe that they are superior in all ways and we aren’t questioning that here. No matter how dark or horrid the past is, we can still thank the English for a few things that they have gifted to us and that we commonly use today. The culture of sipping a cup of tea in the morning and in the evening with friends and family has probably come from the afternoon tea party concept of the English. Our staple breakfast nowadays, bread and butter, also came from the English. The attire that we wear today, shoes, T-shirts, and pants is also an English influence. The beautiful and massive convent schools all around our country were also started by the English rulers and do you know the few countries who drive on the left including ours, well, where do you think they learned it from?

It is safe to say that we tend not to notice how much of our life today is influenced by the English coming into our country back in the day. Some of us can have rough feelings about it and some of us choose to appreciate it. However, what we are trying to say is that imagine if these little bits and pieces of the English showcase such refinement, royalty, and sophistication, just how wonderful will be the place where the Englishmen actually live today! We are talking about England and the best representation of England today is none other than its capital city, London. The English were smart people and hence London has not just been a trademark of royalty, culture, art, tradition, and beauty, but it has also been a business leader, an influencer, and a trendsetter for many, many years. A step into the city of London we will show you how a country can advance towards the future while keeping its history and culture intact. A step into London will show you some of the most beautiful monuments and buildings in the entire world and tell you some of the most interesting and glorious stories as well. A step into London will bring you the most exciting adventures and the most scrumptious food in the whole world, a step into London will be like a dream coming true!

If your dream has been to travel around the most beautiful and the best places in the globe, Nitsa Holidays highly recommends you add London to the list. We are assuming that it already was but just in case you missed out, we are here to show you why it certainly cannot. By the end of this article, you will be packing your bags to head to London but before that let us tell you how to plan your London tour package. London has probably a million things to do and even for a locality, it would be difficult to choose the best and include them in a short trip that lasts a few days. However, Nitsa Holidays is an expert that has been doing it for years and we can help you solve your problem. We are a travel and tour agency based out of Delhi and we organize tour packages for the Indian population. Our wonderful packages cater to both domestic and international locations and all of these packages are highly customizable, reasonable, and comfortable. For London, our packages start from London family tour packages from India, London group tour packages from India, and London Couples travel packages from India. Choose your travel partner wisely and let us know, we will then create the most extraordinary London tour package for you and them and we will take you on the journey of the magical land and show you the amazement that London is!

How to go to London from India?

If you want to reach London from India, prepare for a long journey on an airplane. The flights to the London International Airport fly from all the major cities of India, such as Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai.

How much does it cost to go to London from India?

If on a budget and planned properly, you can do a trip for seven days in London for about INR 1,00,000/- per person. However, if you wish to spend longer and make your trip luxurious, there is no one in the world stopping you and London will certainly appreciate it!

How many days should you spend in London?

London has many monuments, palaces, landmarks, locations, sites, experiences, and places that you can cover on your trip. If you wished to see them all, you would have to probably become a resident and spend a minimum of one year to see all of it. Since that is slightly difficult for most of us, we can say that a seven-day trip or a ten-day trip is quite enough to cover the best of London.

What is the best time to go to London?

If you wish to avoid heavy showers, raincoats, and umbrellas, you should definitely not go to London during the rainy months of August to November.If you are a fan of the winter months, you can definitely head to London in December and January, since the city lights up with the prettiest Christmas lights and colorful decor everywhere. However, the temperature also drops down to 2°C on some days.

The spring seasons and summer months of May to July, usually see the highest number of tourists coming to London to explore its beauty under a warm and pretty sun.

If you are planning to cut down on your budget a little bit, you should try to come to London during the shoulder season such as the months of March to April or September to November when the prices drop extremely low in the entire place and you can definitely save some pounds. 

How should you travel around London?

The first thing that you cannot miss when it comes to traveling in London is the iconic red-coloured double-decker buses that we have all seen in pictures and videos. These buses will not only take you around the city but will also give you a free sightseeing tour as well, you can also choose London’s subway or taxis or you can rent cars and bikes as well.

How are the hotels and accommodations in London?

If you are ready to spend some big bucks, London definitely has amazing hotels that are synonymous with luxury and class from the biggest names in the entire world such as Marriott, and Hilton Hyatt, to cute little B&Bs, hostels, and many more budget-friendly choices, London has it all.

Does London have good dining options?

Duh! A place that has over 80 Michelin-starred restaurants undoubtedly has one of the most amazing culinary scenes in the entire world. Now these fancy restaurants will definitely serve you some lip-smacking cuisine, fine wines, and amazing atmosphere, but there are also trendy cafes and small little joints that will bring you some memorable dishes and tastes of London.

What are the top sightseeing locations in London?

Buckingham Palace- your London tour package cannot be complete without visiting the iconic Buckingham Palace. The residence of the reigning monarch will not only show you some of the most amazing architecture, creativity, and beauty but it will also give you a glimpse into the past, show you how London has a rich connection with royalty, and if you are lucky enough, you can time your visit to Buckingham Palace to witness the iconic changing of the guard's ceremony.

Tower of London- located in the center of the city, it is also commonly known as the heart of London. This majestic fortress was a prison back in the day however, today it stands tall as a glorious reflection of London’s gorgeous history. You can also see the love of Londoners for gems and jewels inside this tower since it not only houses interesting stories but also has beautifully preserved some iconic jewelry to look at.

Tower Bridge- London loves tall towers and the beauty and pride of the city also stands just as tall. Built over the River Thames are two big and magnificent towers that are connected through a suspension bridge, which is also a walkway where you can take a stroll and also get a view of London’s amazing skyline.

The British Museum- we have been going on and on about London’s history and showing you how creatively it has preserved it and what better way to see it than the iconic British Museum in London. It is believed to house over 8 million artifacts which range from documents that show the existence and evolution of human beings to some modern, scientific glories as well.

Sky Garden- the highest room in London has set the highest bars for competitors. This place not only shows you a view of the entire city but it also has a lush green garden inside which is as close to heaven as one can imagine.

What are some amazing activities to try in London?

Riding the London Eye- London Eye is not just amazing to look at from afar but this massive and magnificent Ferris wheel can even be ridden by tourists. This 30-minute-long journey will not only give you an adrenaline pump, but it will bring to use some of the most ethereal views of the city.

Helicopter tour of London- if you wish to spend some big bucks and have a sightseeing tour of London with a little bit of privacy and a lot of adventure and thrill, you should go on a helicopter tour and get a Birdseye view of this magical piece of paradise on earth.

Rolls-Royce tour of London- everybody enjoys a little fancy ride and nothing compares to the iconic Rolls-Royce. You can choose to tour the city in an extraordinary way by riding a Rolls-Royce and taking your already magical tour to the next level.

Cruising the River Thames- The River Thames is one of the most scenic rivers in the entire country, and you can choose to go on a luxurious yet adventurous boat tour over these crystal-clear waters. Not only will you be provided with amazing meals and services but you will also be shown the iconic landmarks of London.

Hyde Park- Hyde Park is one of the largest city parks in the entire world and it is not just a place to see some beautiful, scenic and fresh views of London but you can also try a little bit of adventure here as well. This park is situated next to the river Thames and it houses many cultures, structures, fountains, gardens, flowers, etc. You can go on a romantic stroll with your partner, you can play some games, you can ride bikes around this gorgeous setting and you can also lie around on the grass and soak in London’s warm sunshine.

Shopping at Borough Market- Borough Market is one of the most happening markets in London City with food, art, culture, clothes, accessories, music, and shows, all going on at the same time. You will have one of the most enjoyable times in this place and it is a wonderful way to meet the locals, understand their lifestyle, and also bring back souvenirs.