Best Places to visit in vietnam 2023

Most popular Places to visit in vietnam 2023

Vietnam is the land of stunning beauty and unique cultural structure which adds on to its exotic beauty. Compelling and unforgettable experiences is a recurring aspect here. From gazing out at the surreal horizon to exploring some of the most astonishing cave systems and savouring on some delicious local Vietnamese food the time spent here will definitely be etched in your memories forever. With some of the most incredible natural wonders on the planet, Vietnam is renowned for its astonishing beauty. From the misty mountains, glistening rice fields and enchanting waterfalls of northern Vietnam, to the powdery white sand and clear turquoise waters of the southern beaches, Vietnam is a scenic paradise. Home to some of the most complex and diverse range of traditions and cultures, Vietnam also contains some of the most ancient temples and indigenous handicrafts. It is one of the most tourist-friendly international destinations which you should add to your bucket list.

#1- Dalat
Situated on the Lang Biang highlands all around a beautiful lake and a golf course this cool destination houses some of the most colorful flowers. The climate here remains pleasant throughout the year and is earned its name of eternal spring holiday location is dotted with whimsical places of tourist interest. Boasting of stunning lakes laden with colorful trees and unmatched greenery and cascading waterfalls Dalat is one of the best holiday destinations of Vietnam.

#2- Nha Trang
This is the capital city of Khanh Hoa Province and is one of the most well-known coastal destinations containing a crescent-shaped beach. Complete with mesmerizing beauty of the turquoise and azur colored bay this island is dotted with a beautiful string of mountain ranges which is known for its amazing water sports activities, sightseeing and relaxation on the peaceful beaches here.

#3- Da Nang
This is the 4th largest city in Vietnam and is one of the most incredible representations of the urban milieu in Vietnam. Replete with historical French colonial expressions and famous for visiting the inland ban a hills. Home to some of the most unique tourist attractions and marble mountains this place is a fun destination for tourists from everywhere. This is the 4th largest city here and also contains some of the most incredible pagodas and shrines here.

#4- Ta Phin
The unique landscape of Ta Phin in Vietnam has always attracted a throng of tourists from all over the world. Replete with scenic greenery and amazing natural waterfalls, this village radiates amazing positivity which adds on to an amazing experience in Vietnam. You can truly feel closer to nature if you visit here. From the colourful customs to the local cuisines a unique experience here awaits.

#5- Lan Ha Bay
Located on the southern end of Ha Long Bay and spread out over an enthralling area of 7,000 hectares this bay is a famous destination for people seeking for a peaceful and adventurous getaway. This is relatively an offbeat location with a lesser number of tourists which has helped in maintaining its pristine natural beauty. Replete with small exotic beaches, whimsical bays and other Breathtaking points this place should definitely not be missed out on.

#6- Perfume River
Crossing the city of Hue the river is as unique as its name. it is named so because during the autumn months the flowers from the orchards located in the upriver regions fall into its water and covers the river in a soothing perfume-like aroma. The landscape around the river and the banks is covered in unmatched beauty with a fun nightlife experience. You can opt to stay at the hotel by the river and it will be one of the best experiences of your holiday in Vietnam.

#7- Phuoc Lam Pagoda
Once you are in Hoi An you must Gon on a full day of temples and pagoda sightseeing which dates back to the ancient ages. The unique design, architecture and style of this pagoda resonates with tranquillity and a completely serene ambiance. It is a must visit for everyone visiting Vietnam. The architecture represents the unique blend of Chinese and Vietnamese culture.

#8- Mui Ne
The pristine coastal town of Mui Ne is located within the Binh Thuan Province of Vietnam and is famous for its immaculate beaches and a peaceful atmosphere. This beach resort town is one of the best destinations in the world for water adventure sports activities. Explore the town, relax and feel your tension melt away by the beach and spend some idyllic serene time here.

#9- Sapa
Located within the Lao Cai Province around 350 km from Hanoi this place is a small quaint and laid-back mountain town. Home to some of the most diverse groups of tribal Vietnamese groups, here you will also see the Lien Son range of mountains which contains the country’s highest peak as well. The entire region is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty and remains thronged with tourists throughout the year for its humble ways and pure beauty.

#10- Con Dao National Park
Located on the southeast coast of Vietnam and famous for its collection of coral reefs, forest cover and exotic beaches, this place is a must visit if you are looking for a getaway with nature and away from the maddening crowd. Serving as a breeding ground for turtles and a great water sports destination for people seeking adrenaline rush this place has it all and should not be missed out on.

#11- Phu Quoc Island
This scenic and peaceful island is located off the main coast of Cambodia within the Gulf of Thailand. It is famous for its luxurious beach resorts, peaceful white sandy beaches, lush green national park and an unparalleled sense of relaxation. The azure glimmering water that surrounds it is Mostly popular for its romantic sunsets, evergreen lush forests and fun things to do.

#12- Ha Giang
Bordering China and situated in the northern province of Vietnam, the most defining feature of this place are the limestone forests and the Granite Mountains. The laid back ambiance here makes it one of the most preferred getaways from the teeming crowds of tourists. From panoramic views, green hills, exhilarating caves and views of the terraced rice fields Ha Giang is a wonderful hill station here.

#13- Cat Tien National Park
This is one of the most incredible national parks located in the southwestern highland regions and pans out over an area of 72,000 sq. km. the biodiversity here is unparalleled and displays the untouched beauty of the tropical rainforests. Situated at a distance of 3 Hours’ drive from Ho Chi Minh City this place allows you to have a fun adventurous experience in the wilderness of this magnificent national park.

#14- My Son Sanctuary
This ancient historical sanctuary site represents the real and age-old traditional art and architecture. Located in the present-day central region of the city this UNESCO world heritage site used to serve as the capital for Champa Kingdom. There are several temples dedicated to Lord Shiva as ell and the carvings here display the culture, tradition and history of the period between 4th to 14th Century. It is a treat for history buffs and the curious travellers.

#15- Mekong Delta
This delta region is undoubtedly one of the must places to visit in Vietnam and holds immense importance in the lives of the locals here since people reply on its banks for rice cultivation. The quiet water body makes its way through the region and represents a charming rustic vibe here that makes for a great escape option. Floating on a traditional Vietnamese boat and surrounded by incredible greenery this place should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

#16- Ho Chi Minh City
Also referred to as Saigon this city which is located in the southern region of Vietnam this place was of importance during the Vietnam War. This place also displays some historical French colonial landmarks. The defining feature of the city is the numerous foods stalls which Lines the entire city streets. The teeming place is the perfect place for experiencing the place at a grass root level. A must visit for travellers and explorers from all over the world this place is a melting pot of various cultures and traditions.

#17- Hue
This iconic and historical citadel is located in the central region of Vietnam. Pronounced as ‘Hway’, this place evokes a vibrant aura of the glories in the bygone age of imperial period here. Situated next to the perfume river the place is a picturesque sight which also displays pleasant weather throughout the year. Dotted with palaces, shrines etc. this place also represents the perfect blend of modern day with the ancient ages.

#18- Ha Long Bay
Lined with limestone pillars and numerous tiny islets covered in thick green forests Halong Bay is one of the most whimsical tourist attractions of Vietnam. The beauty of the emerald waters here allows you to add a sense of awe to your travel plans of Vietnam. This UNESCO world heritage site is a great way of exploring the wilderness here which is also dotted with interesting places of massive biodiversity and surreal scenery.

#19- Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park
Spread out at the 858 sq. km. this UNESCO world heritage site houses some of the most interesting tourist attractions here which works as an incredible attraction for tourists and explorers from all over the world. Dotted with amazing grottoes and cave systems (some of which are still unexplored) the flora and fauna collection here is also one of the most diverse and exotic. Bordered by water bodies and home to some of the most amazing cave structures this place is a must visit.

#20- Hoi An
This is probably one of the most ancient and prettiest port city in Vietnam which is the best ways of having a complete and real travel experience. Cutting through the canals the vibe of this place is well preserved it also represents and displays its past through its architecture, opulent and elegant temples, buildings and pagodas. It is a UNESCO world heritage site it dates back to 16th or 17th century and can see the everyday life of the local people here.