Best Places to Visit in St. Lucia 2023

Most beautiful places to visit in St. Lucia 2023

St. Lucia is part of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles, a long arc of islands on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. With the Caribbean on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, it is a beautiful vacation destination. There are two sides of St. Lucia, the South is the mountainous more rugged region that is perfect for a couples retreat, while the north is filled with all-inclusive resorts, nightlife, and beaches that are perfect for the whole family. These are the best things to do in St Lucia from South to North. Staying at two incredible resorts – Calabash Cove in North St. Lucia and Stonefield Villas in South Saint Lucia. We had the opportunity to see the different sides of the island. One is filled with lush jungle and mountainous terrain while the other is the busier resort area with long sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Read our tips to help you choose which side of Saint Lucia island to stay on: Where to Stay in St. Lucia – North vs South

#1- Anse La Raye
A sleepy fishing village on the west coast, Anse La Raye offers a slice of the real Saint Lucia with small boats bobbing in the little port, old wooden houses sitting beneath palm trees and banana plantations blanketing the hills. French and English colonial-era architecture can be seen on the streets, there’s a little bakery producing Creole bread and coconut turnovers in a wood-fired oven, and an uninhibited warmth to the local people. It’s a place to relax and unwind in a tranquil setting, soak up low-key local culture and perhaps join the Friday evening fish fry for a taste of traditional local life.

#2- Rodney Bay
A horseshoe-shaped bay fringed with a sweeping stretch of white sands and a man-made lagoon, Rodney Bay sits on the northwest tip of Saint Lucia and is the island’s most vibrant visitor hub. Along with a good choice of hotels along the waterfront, Rodney Bay Village and its surrounds have plenty of shops, bars and restaurants and a vibrant but relaxed atmosphere making this the liveliest destination on the island. Beyond the beach, you can try your hand at kitesurfing, diving and snorkelling, go big game fishing, take a sunset cruise or hike in the nearby hills or rainforest.

#3- Soufrière
The original capital of Saint Lucia, Soufrière is one of the island’s most memorable spots. It sits on the west coast overlooked by the dramatic Pitons, two towering, UNESCO-protected volcanic plugs, and is surrounded by sandy beaches. French colonialists first established the town and they were followed by the British, and reminders of both nations survive despite the town being rebuilt on several occasions after earthquake, fire and hurricane damage. Soufrière sits in the Qualibou Depression, the caldera of a dormant volcano and you’ll find hot springs and geothermal fields, as well as botanical gardens, waterfalls and challenging hiking in the area.

#4- Majestic Gros Piton
Gros Piton is a 2,620-foot peak that overlooks the island and the sea. Experts in the area are available to explain facts about the island and the twin peaks that call it home. A guided tour allows hikers unparalleled access to the trail. The Gros Piton hike is an early activity and lasts about five hours. Be prepared for a steep climb, but the views are well worth the effort! Despite the intense elevation, Gros Piton is an easier hike than its nearby sister peak, making it more accessible to novice climbers.

#5- Lucia Private Island
What better way to explore the entire island than with a private tour? Many guides will pick you up in a dedicated tour vehicle from your hotel. The beauty of a private tour is the ability to customize stops and activities to fit your needs and not those of a group. A private island tour allows you to explore the area in-depth and is a must-do for first-time travelers looking for things to do in St. Lucia. Plus, it’s nice letting someone else drive so you can take loads of pictures.

#6- Splash Island Waterpark
The Splash Island Waterpark St. Lucia is one for the kids and the kids at heart. Located on the island’s northwest coast at the famous Reduit Beach, the Splash Island Waterpark offers plenty of fun for the whole family. The park comprises inflatable water obstacle courses and an activities area. Sitting on the water are massive inflatable features that include trampolines, slides, climbing walls, flippers and a water volleyball court for team games. There are hours of splashing fun at the Splash Island Waterpark in St. Lucia!

#7- Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens
St. Lucia is home to rainforest-type tropical conditions and a wide variety of fauna. Hidden in the Botanical Gardens is the famous Diamond Falls. The Diamond Waterfall etches a path across the ancient volcanic stone with waters filled with various minerals. The resulting falls create one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean. Minerals in the water of the Diamond Waterfall change colors across the stone, creating a unique experience every time you go. Plus, the beautiful plant life makes this stop a must-do in St. Lucia.

#8- ATV Tour
With an ATV tour, you can experience everything that St. Lucia offers. Thanks to the off-road capability, riding an ATV is an easy yet adventurous way to explore the banana plantations, lush tropical forests, and some of the most beautiful views on the island. ATV tours of St. Lucia also include visits to the beach and other ocean viewpoints in an exhilarating and engaging excursion. The best part about doing this kind of tour is that you can minimize travel time. ATVs can help you see most of the island.

#9- Lucia Horseback
There’s something special about exploring nature on horseback. Several stables on St. Lucia offer horseback excursions, with many having private and catered options. Guided tours along mild trails give riders confidence. Trails cut through rural farming, historic plantations and lush tropical rainforest.

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