Best Places to Visit in Pitcairn Islands 2023, Top Attractions

Most Popular Places to Visit in Pitcairn Islands

Commonly referred to as the Pitcairn Islands or as Pitcairn is a British Overseas Territory in the south-central Pacific Ocean. These loosely grouped tiny islands are halfway between New Zealand and South America. There are four islands that comprise this last British colony in the South Pacific. These are Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno Islands. Out of these four, Pitcairn is the only inhabited island. This small isolated volcanic island situated in the South Pacific and has roughly an area of about 2 square miles (5 square km). Although there are quite a few people living on the island now, it is the home to descendants of the His Majesty’s Armed Vessel Bounty mutineers (and their Tahitian companions) who settled on the island in 1790. Visiting the island, however, is not for the travellers who are time-bound (it takes at least a couple of days to get here from French Polynesia). You can try quite a few cruise ships which stop here so you can get a relatively quick look around. As the Pitcairn Islands are secluded from mainstream tourism, your visit will allow you to experience only a few others have witnessed. With an unforgettable sea voyage to these islands, prepare yourself for untouched subtropical island environments, pristine waters, endemic flora, bird and marine life. Pitcairn islands were formed by a centre of upwelling magma called the Pitcairn hotspot. The rugged main island of the group- Pitcairn is volcanic with a peak of 337 metres above sea level. The only permanently inhabited island also has (almost) no beaches, but is mainly surrounded by cliffs. It is the only island with fresh water sources. Other islands are generally flat. Henderson Island is the largest island, a coral formation and was raised 15-30 metres above sea level by volcanic activity. It features caves along its shoreline and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Covering about 86% of the territory’s total land area, it supports a rich variety of animals in its nearly inaccessible interior. The Oeno Island is located some 128 km northwest of Pitcairn Island. It is a small coral atoll which is often used as a private holiday site by the population of Pitcairn Island with palm trees, lovely beaches, and a sheltered lagoon. Further east, you’ll find Ducie Island which is a circular reef and island. This island is rarely visited, mainly by researchers or very specific trips.

#1- Walk the Eco Trail to Sailors Hide and Christian's Cave
The Eco trail provides an accessible, easy wander through Pitcairn's flora featuring native and endemic species. This gentle wander through huge overhanging rock formations, where it is said the mutineers made a fiery brew from the root of the 'ti' plan,t also offers a walk back in time, to sites like 'Sailors Hide', before the climb to Christian's Cave.

#2- Dive the wrecks of the HMS Bounty and the SS Corn Wallis
If you are an experienced scuba diver, local Dive trips are available. In good weather and sea conditions you will have the opportunity to dive the wrecks of the HMAV Bounty and the Cornwallis and to also explore Pitcairn's deeper waters.

#3- Mata ki te Rangi - Eyes To the Sky
The Pitcairn Islands have exceptionally stunning dark skies, free from all light pollution. In late 2018 the Government of Pitcairn Islands made application to the International Dark Sky Association (IDSA) for the 4 islands in the Pitcairn Islands group to be granted the status of an International Dark Sky Sanctuary

#4- Explore Pitcairn Islands Marine Reserve
Home to one of the worlds Largest, no-take Marine reserve, covering 840,000 square kilometres. Since early 2011 the Pew Environment Group’s Global Ocean Legacy project has been working with the Pitcairn islanders on the idea of establishing a large scale marine reserve within their waters.

#5- Whale Watching
Whales are often seen frolicking around Pitcairn and can be observed from both land and on the water. It is thought that the Pitcairn Island waters are now be being utilised as calving and breeding waters. A number of small calves have been both sighted and photographed.

#6- Quad Bike Tours
Quad Bikes are the primary means of transportation on Pitcairn and locals are skilled riders in all types of weather and road conditions. A guided Quad Bike tour is a fun way to see the island and most accommodation providers offer this service.

#7- Visit the Pitcairn Museum
The Pitcairn Island Museum was built in 2004, just a very short walk from the public square in Adamstown. Accompanied by a local curator you'll discover Pitcairn artifacts from as far back as the ancient Polynesians who, it is said, produced stone tools for trading throughout the pacific region. You will see the Bounty Cannon, raised from Bounty Bay in 1997, naval artifacts and lots of authentic memorabilia from the days of Pitcairn's early settlement. When you visit Pitcairn we'll arrange a special opening time - just for you.

#8- Shop Authentic Pitcairn Crafts & Curios
You'll have ample opportunity to browse Pitcairn's local Curio and Crafts when you visit. You'll find that almost all local residents produce their own unique Pitcairn products. And, there is lots to choose from; traditional and contemporary wood carvings, hand painted leaves, models of the HMAV Bounty and the Island's Longboats, First Day Stamp Covers, hand-made soaps, traditional and contemporary woven baskets, hand-made jewelry, tapa cloth, books, Honey & Honey products and all kinds of keepsakes

#9- Swim in St. Pauls Pool
St. Paul's Pool is one of Pitcairn Island's most stunning natural attractions, featuring a sea carved tidal pool of crystal clear waters and abundant marine life - absolutely ideal for swimming and snorkeling when weather and sea conditions allow.

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