Activities & Places You Should Not Miss in Paris

The city of Paris is not only known as the city of lights but just the name of it sparks a bright sense of joy and happiness in everyone’s minds and hearts. One of the most visited cities in the world that welcomes millions and millions every year must have some edge over the other places, right? That’s what we are here to explore in this article. If you have never been to Paris, there should be no doubt in immediately planning your trip; if you have been there already, you must still not have seen all that the city has to offer [there are just so many!]; If you have a family that has been asking you to take them on a trip that is not only fun and enjoyable but also brings you some of the most unique adventures some of the most beautiful sites and also a little bit of knowledge, Paris is the right answer; If you have a partner and you wish to go on a romantic trip, especially a honeymoon, there is no other place in the entire world that is better than Paris. If you ask anybody or anyone to name a place that feels like the most intimate and surreal destination for couples, they will always tell you, it is Paris. If you are a history nerd, and you like going to places with rich culture, extraordinary stories to tell, and artifacts and objects from the past to show, Paris will bring you all of it and much more than you can expect. If you are a group of girls wanting to go on a girl's trip together where you can click some of the most beautiful pictures and have an equally enjoyable journey, you should go to Paris. If you are a foodie who wishes to try the most amazing cuisine that sets a new trend for the rest of the world, there can be no better place than Paris. Your taste buds and your stomachs will thank you for every single bite you take in this place.

Our point is, that Paris is definitely a place that you should pick for a trip at least once in your lifetime. It has so many monuments, so many structures, so many adventurous activities and so many things to see that you will not regret any second you spend in this city. It can be a little overwhelming to plan an entire trip to Paris by yourself and Nitsa Holidays is here to assure you that we can be the right tour guide for you to pick for your trip. We have been doing this for years and we have had the privilege to plan some of the most iconic itineraries for the tourists and they have always complimented us for them. We can do the same for your trip to Paris as well. We can curate the most customizable, budget-friendly, comfortable, and safe trip which will include the best of the best things in Paris for you to see. We have a wide range of packages such as Paris family tour packages from India, Paris group tour packages from India, and Paris couples tour packages from India. You can just pick your travel buddies and leave the rest to us. 

The best time to visit Paris is during the spring seasons of February to May. When the weather is just ideal for exploring the city. You can also come here during the summer seasons, the monsoon, or during winter. However, the summer will be pretty hot, the monsoon can bring you showers that can slightly interrupt the exploring process and the winters can be slightly chilly. 

The easiest way to get to Paris is flights from India that you can find in any of the major cities and will get you directly to the capital city of France, Paris. 

The accommodations in Paris are also a great example of the hospitality of the French. The people are extremely welcoming, friendly, and joyous and you will see that in the service you receive not just in the shops in the markets but also in the hotels and accommodations you choose to stay in. There are many high-end and luxurious hotels but there are also some budget-friendly and cheap places where you can stay with your travel partners. 

Some points to note before coming to Paris are carrying hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sunlight, carrying enough cash since not all the places accept credit cards, and carrying some clothes that are decent because some of the churches and cathedrals only allow you to enter if you are dressed modestly.

Which places should you visit? And which activities should you try when you are in Paris?

Eiffel Tower- Undoubtedly, the Eiffel Tower is the first place and the first name that you should think of when coming to Paris. This marvelous tower is not any ordinary tower. Ever since it was built, it has become the most popular landmark of Paris and visitors come in high numbers just to get a glimpse of this magnificent site. You can click some of the best pictures because no backdrop can ever compare to having the Eiffel Tower in it and in the night it gorgeously decorated the sky of Paris by glittering in the most eye-catching lights.

The Louvre- This is one of the most famous museums in the entire world and it also sees the maximum number of tourists compared to any other museum. It houses over 800,000 objects which start from paintings, sculptures, artifacts, documents, etc and we highly recommend you to come here. How can one miss the opportunity of looking at the world-renowned Mona Lisa and guessing the expression on her face?

Notre Dame- this is the most popular and also the oldest cathedral in the entire world. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it is an enchanting and ethereal monument for people of all ages to come to. As you enter this cathedral, you will be surrounded by a layer of devotion and serenity, and you will definitely feel that your soul is blessed.

Disneyland- Not all countries in the world have been blessed with housing the most amazing adventure Park, Disneyland, but thankfully, Paris has one and you will find some of the most iconic rides and attractions. You will get to meet your childhood icons such as Mickey Mouse, you will be able to devour snacks shaped in the form of your favorite characters and you can bring back some funky and unique souvenirs from here. Do not forget to buy the iconic Mickey Mouse hairband that you will cherish for all your life.

The Gardens of Paris- Paris has some of the most beautiful gardens in the entire world such as the Palais Royal Gardens and the Luxembourg Gardens. You can choose to go there for a stroll with your friends, families, or partners and be surrounded by the iconic beauty of Paris. You can also choose to have a picnic in these bright, beautiful, and fresh gardens, admire the beauty, and snack on some wonderful French delights.

Boat cruising- Sienna is known for taking tourists on the most magnificent cruise where you will be presented with not only beautiful views of Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, Château de Versailles, etc. but you will also be provided with a luxury meal and the most fun and relaxing time in the waters of Paris.

Moulin Rouge- the French have given us the gift of cabaret and how can you not go to one of the most famous cabaret shows in the entire world, Moulin Rouge with the wonderful music, the vibrant decor, and the exciting vibes? This will not only give you a glimpse of history, but it will also let you have a bright night in Paris!

Shopping- The French are known for their amazing taste in fashion and style and it reflects this at every spot you go to in the city. However, you must definitely shop your hearts out when you are in Paris and bring back the most stylish and statement-creating items from your trip. Marais and Montmartre are two locations where you can go to see the most beautiful and wide array of things to choose from.

Wine and dine- The gastronomical capital of the world has given us some of the best cuisines in the entire world. The pastries, the bread, the deserts, the cheese, and some of the many delicate, refined, and high-end items are a few of the many that are available in this city and you must definitely try as much food as possible when in Paris. Paris is also surrounded by some of the most scenic Vineyards and you can go on excursions where you will be provided with some of the most wonderful wine tasting sessions you can ever think of.

Paris is a magical place for you to go, to experience the best food, drinks, history lessons, photography sessions, and memorable adventures. There is no dull moment in Paris and it’s a holiday that can definitely guarantee that you will be cherishing all of it for all your life. Let us take you to this beautiful country and help you have the most wonderful time. Pick your partners, pick your packages, and start packing your bags as Paris awaits your arrival!