Best Adventure Destinations in India

Best adventure destinations in India

Trekking, hiking, camping, rafting, canoeing, paragliding, and many more. These are some of the most adventurous sports that invigorant and nature loving people like to engage in. This allows a superb flow of energy throughout the body and also ensures to provide you enjoyment at most sustainable and self dependent methods. Now the question is which is the best place to go in India, for participating in these adventurous activities. We know, India is a diverse country with diverse landscapes, numerous mountains, beautifully flowing streams of rivers, snow-caps, and breathtaking valleys and waterfalls. So, this country is filled with such beautiful places and it is difficult to name one, where you can go on adventures. In this article to follow, let us look at some of the best adventure destinations in India.

Best adventure destination in India


Rishikesh is a land that offers maximum adventure opportunities to its visitors. People from around the globe come to Rishikesh every year to participate in various adventurous activities like bungee jumping, river rafting, zip lining, sky cycling, and many more. Due to these facilities, Rishikesh is also considered as the adventure capital of the country. Doesn’t matter how old are you, Rishikesh has so much to offer you that you can easily plan a family adventure trip to this destination. 


Leh-Ladakh is a famous snow covered adventure destination during winters in India. Here you can enjoy skiing, heliskiing during winters and trekking along snowy trails. But this is not all, during summers there is a lot more to enjoy. Chadar lake, Zanskar river, etc are some of the most beautiful and preferred adventure sporting spots of the city. You can enjoy trekking along the Chadar trekking trail and participate in rafting, canoeing, etc in the Zanskar river. Here you will witness a wonderful combination of culture, natural beauty, and adventure together. So, don’t wait much. Plan your next adventure trip to Ladakh today.


Wanna enjoy water sports to its best? Then make sure to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands at least once in your lifetime. These islands offer the best water-sporting facilities with the world best guides and make sure to provide you the best experience. Here with little guidance and training you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, and many other in-water sports. Not just this, while engaging in scuba diving, you can also witness and enjoy the beautiful marine life of the island. So, if you are a water lover and want to enjoy your next vacation exploring water-activities, then definitely plan your trip to Andaman and Nicobar islands. 


Situated in the north-eastern tip of the country, Sikkim is a famous tourist spot of India. The land is popular for its lush green mountains and landscape along with the famous Buddha temple. People from around the world visit Sikkim to enjoy its natural belongings. But this is not all, not just enjoying the surroundings, you can also engage in adventure sports while you are in Sikkim. To name some you can do mountain biking, trekking, and climbing along the green hills.  

Aamby Valley

Aamby valley is a famous adventure destination in Maharashtra. The place is surrounded by three beautiful artificial lakes and rich green jungles. These provide the land with exotic surroundings and a beautiful atmosphere. People visit the place to enjoy its beauty as well as participate in various adventurous activities. To name some popular sports in Aamby valley, we have wild safari, golf matches, hiking, rappelling, etc. From green jungles to beautiful rivers, every spot of this location promises to provide you with outstanding experience and ensure happy and energetic memories for life.


India, due to its diverse geography, has a variety of beautiful adventure destinations where people from all age groups can go and enjoy. From water sports to snow activities to mountain climbing, you can do everything in India. The country itself has all the destinations for recreation which ensures maximum tourist attraction. The list of some most popular adventure destinations of India are mentioned above. So, if you also have an adrenaline rush in your body and want to release this superb flow of energy, then you must visit these spots. These spots will ensure you perfect adventurous vacation and energetic memories for life.