Best Things To Do On A Honeymoon In Dubai

Are you a newly married couple looking for a romantic getaway? Well, Dubai will take you on a journey of love and luxury. With its world-renowned skyscrapers and pristine beaches, it attracts millions of couples each year. If you’re looking to give your partner love in all forms and styles, Dubai is the simplest answer. Confused about how to plan it? Nitsa Holiday has got you covered. Here are 10 things you cannot miss on your Dubai couples tour package, also known as a trip to the most mystical destination on earth:

The most gorgeous skyline in the World

You are guaranteed to see the most amazing skyline no matter where you are in the city. Boasting the tallest skyline in the world, you will witness the most spectacular views here. Stare into the limitless beauty with your partner in your arms or use it as the most gorgeous backdrop for your pictures! 

The Tallest building in the world 

The most famous of all the skyscrapers is the iconic Burj Khalifa. Towering at a height of 2722ft, this is a must-visit spot in your Dubai Travel Package. Imagine standing at the top of the building with your partner, floating within clouds, admiring the sunset, and leaving with everlasting impressions!

A Shopper’s Paradise

From the second largest shopping mall in the world to the month-long shopping festival, you and your partner can find everything you could ever dream of. Shopping is practically the reason behind millions of couples visiting the city and why not? Buy gifts for your better half and spoil them with choices between luxurious brands at the surreal malls to local and exotic shops at the Souk. You cannot miss the chance to haggle over spices, textiles, perfumes, and of course, the Gold! 

Arabian Magic at the Desert

How can one miss the highlight of Dubai, The Arabian Desert? Navigate through the desert on the back of magnificent camels, enjoy a thrilling jeep ride, go quad biking in the uneven terrains, experience sand skiing down the golden dunes, or float in the sky in the hot air balloons and they all have private options as well! That’s not all, after watching the mesmerizing warm orange hues of the sunset, end your night while enjoying a private beach dinner and sleeping under a serene star-studded sky with your star-crossed lover. 

Treat your Tastebuds 

A melting pot of cultures and cuisines, Dubai has everything to offer from luxurious Michelin-starred restaurants to humble establishments serving lip-smacking delicacies from all over the world. Dine with your partner and bond over your love for food.

Array of Beaches

Set on the ocean, stretching up to 1000 km, Dubai’s beaches are its greatest attraction. Ideal for a Dubai couple tour package, the never-ending coastline, the crystal clear water, and the glimmering sun rays let you unwind from the hustle and bustle of the city and you leave not just with your body tanned lines but with your heart's content.

Couples Spa Retreat

Escape the fast-paced city and relax together at a session at a couple's spa with massages, therapies, facials, and even couples yoga!

Dubai Miracle Garden

Take a romantic walk through the heart-shaped pathways and breathtaking floral displays at the Dubai Miracle Garden and witness a fairytale come true.

Choose out of the various accommodations that are strategically designed for romantic getaways and feel like Aladdin and Jasmine throughout the time!