Elephant Sanctuaries in Thailand

Like horses in Europe and camels in Dubai, Elephants were used as working animals. This large mammal was used as a war weapon in the early days, as a mode of transport and farming before automobile discovery, and as an entertainment vehicle in circuses. 

With the rise of Tourism came Westerners from across the globe fascinated by these creatures and then came the idea of using Elephants to earn money. Tourists offering a large sum of money to bathe, ride, and touch them on their trip to Thailand became the bread and butter for most Thai families. Until a few years ago when people started to recognize and realize the importance of animal welfare and that birthed the Ethical Elephant Sanctuaries of Thailand.

What is an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary?

A place that treats the needs of the Elephant over profits and lets them live freely. 

These Sanctuaries also rescue elephants from temples, zoos, and circuses and provide them with the home they deserve.

Why should you visit an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary?

Why not? With the world slowly turning into a land of construction and destruction, these magnificent giants are disappearing. 

You opting to visit the Elephant Sanctuaries on your trip to Thailand is not just a moral decision that aids the lives of many including these majestic creatures but also a chance to witness these wonders of nature. Not to forget, the children love it! 

Now that you must be convinced to visit these jaw-dropping giants, Nitsa Holidays will curate your Thailand Tour Package and include one of these amazing sanctuaries in Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park

Originally presenting trick-performing elephants, now this park has a no-riding policy but visitors can cook and feed them, take photographs whilst learning about these beautiful beasts, and take them on a walk to the river and bathe them. 

Location: Chiang Mai

Fees: 2500 THB for day visits, 5800 THB for overnight stays

BEES Elephant Sanctuary 

This sanctuary just lets the elephants BE. Following a complete hands-off policy, visitors can choose to volunteer, cook for them, clean the elephant areas, or just watch them in their natural habitat.

They also offer activities like planting trees, teaching English to the locals, and planting glass for the elephants. 

Location: Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai

Fees: 1700 - 12000 THB [short or weeklong programs]

Hidden Forest

Just like the name suggests, this sanctuary is hidden away in the luscious forests of Phuket and follows a no-touch-only feeding policy. The array of animals and birds in the forest makes the elephants feel at home. 

Visitors can watch educational videos and presentations about elephants, enjoy a buffet of Thai delicacies, and buy merchandise that aids these beautiful animals.

Location: Chalong, Phuket

Fees: Adult 2900 THB/person, Child 1600 THB/person

Phuket Green Elephant Sanctuary 

One of the most iconic sanctuaries in Phuket housing an entire herd of rescued elephants, visitors are given the chance to meet, greet, feed, and bathe the elephants. Help the elephant’s skin shine by giving them a mud spa. Their honeymoon programs are ideal for a Thailand package for couples. 

Location: Green Elephant Sanctuary Park, Phuket

Fees: Day Visits 3000 THB/ person, Hands-off Experience 3000 THB/person, week-long volunteer program 18000 THB/person

A visit to these sanctuaries will be an adventurous, fun yet mindful choice for you, include them in your itinerary and rejoice!