Adventure-Filled Trekking Destinations in India

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Adventure-filled trekking destinations in India

India is a land of excessive natural beauty. Wherever you go in India, you will be able to witness the variety of natural geographic features spread across the land. From mountains to valleys, from lakes to oceans, and from plateaus to hills, India is home to all kinds of terranes and water bodies. You can find both chilling and beautiful snow caps to mesmerizing shifting deltas. All are a part of our diverse and beautiful country.

This variety in the geographical features that you can witness in India is absent in almost every other country in the world. Along with the variety in geographic beauties, here in India, you can see tremendous species of birds, animals, trees, plants, and herbs. Both the land and the aquatic life of India are unique and diverse around the world. All these features make India a very popular travel destination.

In India, you can find both peaceful destinations to spend quality and quiet vacations with your family and friends and also you can find various adventurous locations to try something appealing and exciting as well. Now it's up to you what you choose for your next vacation. Here in this article, we will look at the most famous trekking locations in India.



Before directly diving into India's most popular and appealing trekking locations, let us know what trekking means. Trekking belongs to the famous outdoor activity of walking for several days. It is usually done to explore the natural beauty of the mesmerizing terrains around and enjoy the scenery they provide.

Trekking is done for a variety of purposes. Some people do it just for the purpose of spending adventurous vacations while some people trek for some purpose. The purpose of trekking other than enjoyment and partying includes social gatherings, fulfilling a certain mission, or fulfilling some commitment. But the main part is, for whatever reason you may trek, you will end up having a lot of new experiences, memories, friends, and a feeling of being very close to mother nature.

Besides, the best part of trekking is that you can extend or shorten its tenure as per your needs. There is no such thing called the length of the days you spend trekking to make it called a valid trek. Hence, anyone of any age and generation can go trekking without having to think twice. Also, it will teach you a lot, most importantly on how to settle yourself and sustain your needs with the minimum requirements that you possess for the time being. Since you won’t get anything extra during your trekking day than what you took with you.

Types of trekkings

Having known what actually trekking refers to, now let us know how many types of trekking are popular around the population. Mainly there are three types of trekking that people love to pursue on their vacations. Each of these types is discussed below.

Gap Trekking

In this form of trekking, you get the full guidance and support of experienced trekking guides and porters. With their help, you can explore the unique adventurous locations, enjoy the endless variety of cultures of the location and experience the stunning surroundings. Hence is the name of the trekking, GAP which stands for Guide, Accommodation, and Porters.

Teahouse Trekking

One of the most popular and common kinds of trekking is teahouse trekking. This is also called lodge trekking where you get a tea house for eating and resting during your trekking journeys. This kind of trekking allows the trekkers to connect with the locals and enjoy their traditions while on the treks. Usually, the lodges that trekkers get in this type of trekking are situated in higher altitudes along with being present in lower terrains too. But those at higher altitudes may provide you with little low-quality services, but else each lodge that is available during this form of trekking is known to provide you with the best experience during your vacation.

Camping Trekking

Unlike teahouse trekking, camping trekking is a less popular kind of trekking. But those who love adventures are mostly seen opting for this form of trekking. In this kind of trekking, you get a complete team with you for accompanying you during your trek. This team will include members like the guide, the porter, a chef, a camp helper, and a kitchen assistant. They all make sure to make your trekking experience the best one.

Besides, this is an organized form of trekking since here you get all the required things like sleeping bags, dining, permits, commutes, and many more in your trekking packages. Mostly this form of trekking is chosen on routes where the possibility of finding tea houses is very less and very few people live around the trekking route.

Popular trekking destinations in India

Having gathered so much information about the trekking and types of trekking. Now let us move our interest towards knowing the beautiful and adventurous trekking locations of India.

Dzongri Trek

One of the most challenging trekking mountains in India is the Dzongri trek, situated at a height of 4200 meters. From this trek, you can witness the mighty Kanchenjunga peak and the splendid sites of the beautiful nature of Sikkim. But the risks and challenges involved while trekking along this route makes it a necessity for the trekkers to have some prior trekking experience as well as some professional guide along with them. Hence with safety ensured, you can easily witness the beautiful trekking route of this trek.

Roopkund Trek

One of the toughest yet most wonderful trekking locations in India is the Roopkund trek. It is situated in the state of Uttrakhand at a height of 3200 meters. The name of the trek has fallen from the famous Roopkund lake that falls along the route of this trek. There are various mysterious as well as worth listening stories related to this lake which you can listen to while trekking along this route. Besides, while covering the paths of this trek you will get the chance to see the mesmerizing Nanda Devi mountain along with many other Hindu temples and unique birds. Hence this is a very popular trekking site for experienced and young trekkers from around the world.

Chokramundi Trek

With an elevation of 2100 meters, Chokramundi trek is a beautiful trekking site located in the southern regions of India. This trekking route is such a beautiful journey in the land of Gods that people comes to enjoy this trek multiple times in their lifetime. It takes just 3-5 hours for people to complete this trek but provides people with the beautiful news of the western ghats, Idukki dam, and many more beautiful sceneries. So, if you are a trekking beginner and are looking for trekking routes for easy climbing and motivation, then this is the one for you.

Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

Located in the state of Sikkim, the Kanchenjunga base camp trek is situated at the foot of the highest mountain peak in India. It is the best location cover for trekkers who love having challenges and adventures along their trekking routes. Besides the adventure to enjoy during this trekking journey, the trekkers can also enjoy the beauty of various lakes, forests, and landscapes along this route.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Located in the state of Uttrakhand, the Dayara Bugyal trek is one of the best trekking locations in India. The trek is at an altitude of 3700 meters and is quite an adventurous route to cover. While covering this trek route you will be led to the highest meadows in India and will be able to witness the mesmerizing lush green valleys along the hills. While trekking you will get to stay in the villages situated along the Himalayas and will get to listen to the numerous beautiful and brave stories of our various Indian mountains.

Kedarkantha Trek

With a height of 3500 meters, the Kedarkantha trek is among the most famous trekking locations in north India. Trekking through its route allows you to witness the enchanting forests followed by the snow-covered lands of Uttrakhand. Besides, the prime beauties that you can explore and enjoy during your trekking through this trek route include the Kempty falls, Tons valley, and the 360-degree view of a few famous mountain summits. Also, the trekking route of this trek is quite easy so it is among the best treks to enjoy for new trekkers.

Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal with an altitude of 3636 meters and is among the favorite trekking locations of the population. One of the major reasons for the trekking route to be so famous is its clear view of the Sleeping buddha peak. It is a very beautiful creation of nature which is formed by Mt. Kanchenjunga as its upper body and Mt. Kumbhakarna forming Buddha’s face and head. It provides the trekkers with a mesmerizing experience of the splendid natural beauty and the charm of the surroundings.

Tiger Hills Trek

When it comes to trekking among the forests, Tiger Hills is among the famous choices. Tiger Hills trek is located near Kanchenjunga and is known among easy yet exhausting treks. Hardly it will take you 2 days to complete this trek. But it will be quite tiring to complete this route. This is having an altitude of approx 2500 meters but here if you are looking for some guidance, it will cost you quite a much. So, in case you are planning for trekking on this route, then make sure to come equipped for the related expenses of guide and trekking requirements.

Valley of flowers Trek

Located at a height of 3658 meters, this is the most beautiful mountain in India, located in the state of Uttrakhand. It requires approx 55 km to cover to complete this trekking route. The name of the trek has come from the beautiful scenery of blooming colorful flowers that you can witness during monsoons. Due to its exceptional beauty, this trekking site is even listed as the UNESCO world heritage site. Besides the beautiful natural surrounding of this location, you can even find many rare and endangered species of animals and butterflies along this route.

Chopta Chandrashila Winter Trek

For those who like challenges and adventures, this is the trek for them. Chopta Chandrashila winter trek of north India is one of the highly heightened treks which will not miss ensuring your enjoyment as well as fulfilling your spiritual demands. At the height of this trek, you can witness the highest Shiva temple of India and also enjoy the splendid view of Deoria Tal lake along with the villages nestled in the Chopta Valley. Besides these, you can explore and enjoy certain prime birds along this trek route which are the Himalayan Monal, Hill Prinia, Golden Eagle, and many more.

Dodital Winter Trek

Located at a height of 3000 meters, the Dodital winter trek is a beautiful trekking site in India. This is one of such sites which are ideal for trekking beginners who would love to explore the snowy caps. Along the trek route of this trek, people prefer to do camping around Dodi Lake which homes to the beautiful Himalayan Golden Mahseer Fish Along this lake people spend time fishing and then enjoy the rhododendron forests and the views of Bandarpoonch peak. Due to all these and many more beautiful reasons, the Dodital winter trek is among the most popular winter treks in India.

Kumara Parvata Trek

In case you are planning for a short and exciting trekking experience to cover in a day, then this is the location for you. Kumara Parvata Trek is one of the easily coverable treks of India. It is at a height of approx 1700 meters and can be completed in just 12 hours. This trek route is situated in Kodagu and is very famous among the locals as well as foreigners.

Every year a number of visitors come to Kodagu just to witness the beauty of this trekking route. Certain beautiful spots to encounter along this trek are the picturesque landscape, lush green land, and the beautiful Pushpa Giri wildlife sanctuary. Although this trek looks and sounds so easy, it is considered among the hardest routes to cover. So, if you are planning for trekking along this route, make sure to get some professional guidance as well.


Trekking is among the most famous and challenging outing experiences among people. It is preferred by both youngsters and experienced people. There are various reasons why people like trekking but the most famous ones are for refreshments and commitments.

India is already a country full of heritages, but it also contains some of the most famous trekking sites in the world. In the article above we have mentioned for you the best trekking sites in India. Ranging from easy to challenging many locations are discussed above. So, if you are planning to start your trekking journey this vacation, make sure you go well-equipped and enjoy the journey to its best.