Bern: Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site and Capital City of Switzerland

If Albert Einstein has spent a considerable amount of time in a place, it must be worth a visit, right? We’re talking about the amazing city of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Certainly, not a lot of convincing is required to ask someone to plan a Switzerland Tour Package, it’s already world-famous for its finger-licking chocolates, fairytale-like castles, cultural sites, and breathtaking landscapes. 

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One of Switzerland’s best tourist attraction sites is the capital city of Bern. The city has preserved its history and tradition so well that it has been awarded the title of a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. Every inch of this city has medievalism captured in itself. The landmarks, the buildings, the architecture are all worth visiting but we have simplified the list for you to see the best of them! 

How To Reach Bern?

Visitors can take a flight to  Zurich or Geneva and then opt for a rail route or a road route to Bern. 

How is the Climate? 

The climate of Bern remains pleasant throughout the year. The summers aren’t too hot and in winter the temperature drops down to 0 degrees Celsius which is pretty much normal for any place in Switzerland. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Bern?

The months of May to September are ideal to visit Bern since the temperature is just perfectly warm enough to walk around and enjoy the best of Bern. 

How to Travel Around in Bern?

Switzerland has some amazing public transport services such as its trams and Bern also makes traveling for tourists extremely effortless. However, the iconic landmarks of the city are located in very close proximity to each other and walking is a great option. 

Where to Stay in Bern?

Bern has hundreds of options for tourists when it comes to accommodations. From budget-friendly hostels to luxurious hotels, everything is available for the guests in this beautiful and serene city. 

Best Hostels in Bern: Burgdorf Castle Youth Hostel, Hostel 77, Bern Youth Hostel

Budget Friendly Hotels in Bern: La Pergola, ibis Bern, Moxy Bern

Luxurious Hotels in Bern: Hotel Bellevue Palace, Hotel Stadthaus Burgdorf, Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & Spa

What to See and Do in Bern? 

• Bern Old Town- Surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Aare River on three sides is the medieval old town of Bern. The sandstone buildings, the historical monuments, the chirpy shops and cafes, the cultural centers, and the magical bridges will all capture your heart and you will probably spend an entire day of your tour in this magical town. 

• Bern Fountains- Bern has breathtakingly beautiful fountains that are incomparable to any other fountains in the world. The stunning sculptures and design of all these fountains tell a tale from Bern’s past. 

• Zytglogge Clock Tower- Only Bern has the power to turn a mere clock into an attraction site. Apart from the breathtaking architecture of the tower, visitors often learn the mechanisms behind it or climb the top of the tower to enjoy panoramic views of the town. 

• Barengraben- If the name of the town is after a bear, you have to definitely check out why. Bern has been known to house these magnificent creatures for a long time and visitors, especially children, find it extremely fascinating to watch them play around. 

• Einstein Museum- Not everybody is a fan of the tough physics lesson but everyone definitely bows down before the king of physics, Albert Einstein. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore the place where he developed the Theory of Relativity and set the world on a new path.