A Journey to Remember: Experiencing Azerbaijan with Customized Travel Packages

Gone are the days when you picked the old boring and overhyped locations over and over again for your vacations and holidays. Gone are the days when you look for spots that overcharge you for the bare minimum. It’s time that travelers all around the world start paying heed to the gems that we have housed in our world. It’s time that people start acknowledging and appreciating places that deserve recognition. It’s time we understood that Azerbaijan is one of the hottest places [not literally] to visit for your next vacation.

Indians love to travel, be it a short drive over the weekend or a week-long summer holiday. Indians always look for the opportunity to go to an interesting place, learn about its culture, try new experiences, and make plenty of memories. Traveling is one of the best ways to overcome the stress and the monotony created by today’s lifestyle. When it comes to traveling with your family and children, is a way of exposing your kids to new people, new ideas, and new experiences. When it comes to traveling with your friends, is the way to find some joy and happiness and forget all about the fast-paced life. When it comes to traveling with your partner, it is not just about knowing and learning about the place that you are traveling to but it is also about understanding your partner more and deepening the bond that you share. Indians have been traveling since time immemorial, be it for gathering knowledge, pilgrimage, business, or leisure, and for that reason, Nitsa holidays were founded. Nitsa Holidays is a travel and tour agency based out of Delhi and we spent an ample amount of time understanding what the Indian mindset wants and what the Indian hearts need when traveling somewhere. This is why Nitsa Holidays has created a wide range of packages and carefully picked multiple locations all around the globe where we take our fellow Indians for vacations and tours. These packages are creatively curated and customized to ensure that Indians are satisfied, their needs are met and their requirements are attended to. When it comes to Azerbaijan, we believe it is a must-visit place for Indians. The population in Azerbaijan is pretty similar to India [not in numbers] but in their hearts. They are all very welcoming people who are extremely friendly. They embrace their landscape take pride in their history and showcase their culture. Azerbaijan is also quite an affordable country. It is very safe and it is also very easy to reach. On one side of the country, you will find high-rise buildings, gorgeous skylines, futuristic architecture, and advanced technology, whereas, on the other side of the country, you will find beautiful landscapes laden with mountains, beaches, hills, and also cultural lanes, traditional architecture, and design, historical monuments and down to earth people. Stepping into Azerbaijan is like getting a glimpse of Europe and Asia all together, stepping into Azerbaijan is like taking a history lesson which is extremely fun, stepping into Azerbaijan is like witnessing new layers of joy and adventure. Hence, Nitsa Holidays highly recommends that if you have never had the chance to visit Azerbaijan, you should take the next opportunity as soon as possible. Here is a list of packages that Nitsa Holidays offers for Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan family tour packages, Azerbaijan group tour packages, and Azerbaijan couples trip packages. Let’s learn a little bit more about this magical place.

Where is Azerbaijan located?

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country in Asia which is bordered by Europe in the West. The northern part of Azerbaijan is connected with the great Caucasian mountains, which provide some of the most beautiful winter getaways to visitors. The eastern part of Azerbaijan is lined by the magnificent Caspian Sea, which has the most gorgeous coastlines in Azerbaijan and comes laden with some breathtaking beaches.

What kind of budget do you require to go to Azerbaijan?

Unlike other European countries, you will get a glimpse of Europe and Asia, you will find some of the best adventures, hotels, food, views, and experiences in Azerbaijan at very reasonable prices compared to anywhere else in the world. The minimum budget requirement for an Indian to go to Azerbaijan is as little as INR 50,000/- per person for one week, which is even less than traveling domestically in India for a week. This is why we are telling you to head to Azerbaijan because you will be able to splurge without actually breaking the bank.

How can you reach Azerbaijan from India?

It is fairly easy for Indians to reach Azerbaijan and the shortest flight takes about four hours. Today, you will find multiple direct flights flying from the major cities of India to Azerbaijan all day, every day.

What is the best time to go to Azerbaijan?

There are a few parameters that you should take into consideration when going to Azerbaijan. The summers are pretty hot and humid. So if you want to pick the ideal weather that is pleasant enough to provide a comfortable vacation, you should pick the months of April to June, the temperatures range between 15°C to 25°C in these months and this is also the season where tourists come in high numbers to explore the country however if you are looking to go to Azerbaijan on a budget-friendly trip, then we recommend you to go during the month of October since you will see that the prices of the accommodations, flights and almost everything else drops down very low and the added bonus is that you will also face lesser crowds.

Is it easy for Indians to get a visa for Azerbaijan?

When it comes to international travel, the first concern after the budget is the visa for the country. Thankfully, getting an E visa for Azerbaijan for Indians is extremely easy and it only starts from INR 3000/- per person for a period of 30 days.

How to travel around Azerbaijan?

In the most popular cities of Azerbaijan, the landmarks and the popular sites are situated extremely close to each other and they are mostly at a walkable distance. Hence we recommend that walking is one of the best ways to explore Azerbaijan because you would not want to miss its mesmerizing lanes and streets. However, if needed for intercity travel or other requirements, you can choose the public commute in Azerbaijan such as the buses, the taxis, or the subway.

What are some points to remember before going to Azerbaijan?

• Azerbaijan is a Muslim-dominated country and it would be appreciated by everybody if you were dressed modestly.

• Another point to remember when traveling to Azerbaijan is that not all places will accept credit cards and online payments. Hence it is recommended to carry some cash along with you all the time. 

• For Indian vegetarians who have a hard time adjusting to a meat-dominated country, we recommend you carry some snacks with you from home. 

• If you are visiting during the summer season, it can get pretty humid so remember to carry some sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

What should you do in Azerbaijan?

Baku- Baku is the capital city and the largest city of Azerbaijan and you must definitely start your Azerbaijan tour in this location. Baku is known for housing the best of both worlds just like the rest of the country. The main city has skyscrapers that touch heaven, modernist architecture, advanced technology, and luxurious spots. The highlight of the city of Baku and its flame towers, which turn the skyline of Baku into a magical experience at night, and just like the name says it turns into a big red fiery object which catches the eyes of everyone. The other part of Baku aka the old town is a whole experience in itself. This is a place where you will learn about the history of Baku, understand its culture, and see its traditions everywhere you turn. The Palace of Shirvanshahs is a must-visit spot in the old town and you should not miss walking along the lanes mingling with the locals and trying the local cuisine. As we mentioned earlier Baku is the best of both worlds where in the day you can feel like you have taken a time machine to the past whereas at night you will be in the future with the best nightlife, raging clubs, and party-like atmosphere.

Gabala- Gabala or Qabala is another city in Azerbaijan which is located in the northern part of the country. It is nestled in the foothills of the great Caucasian mountains and it provides the most ethereal landscape views to the visitors. If you are done with the noisy and fast-paced city life, Gabala will be the perfect location for you. You will be able to try many activities and adventures such as the infamous cable car ride which will show you panoramic views of the great Caucasian mountains, you can go for a jeep ride in the mountains, you can go camping, trekking as well in the mountains of Gabala, you will find some very cute villages where you will be able to experience and understand the local lifestyle and in Gabala you will also find the mesmerizing Nohur lake which is not just beautiful to look at, but you can also go boating and try fishing here.

Gobustan- Gobustan is an archaeological site that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as well. Visiting this place would be like the experience of an adventure park taken to the next level. This place is full of rocky mountains where you will find engravings, carvings, structures, and paintings from our ancestors. These are not just amazing to look at but they will also show you how our ancestors lived and how they evolved with time. Children and adults will both be extremely interested and overjoyed by watching these engravings showing depictions of human settlements from over 40,000 years ago with paintings of warriors, animals, birds, equipment et cetera. Gobustan is also home to many volcanoes. One hidden mystery of Azerbaijan is that it houses a lot of mud volcanoes which are harmless, but yet they are extremely wonderful to look at. You can also get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take a mud bath, which is also proven to be beneficial for the body and the skin.

Shahdag- to escape the hot and humid weather and to step into a winter wonderland, you will have to come to Shahdag. Located in the great Caucasian Mountain is this snow-covered beautiful land where you will not only find beautiful views but also adventures, luxury, and many amazing Winter resorts that you can pick, and there are even better adventures that you can try such as snowboarding, skiing, cable car rides, camping et cetera. This location is covered in the most gorgeous white, luscious mountains and pine trees and it is a very calming and relaxing escape from the fast-paced life back in the city. If you come to Shahdag, Nitsa Holidays recommends you stay at the Shahdag Mountain resort, which is the first and the largest mountain resort in the entire country of Azerbaijan, it not only offers you amazing food, top-notch services, amenities, and multiple adventures in the snow, but it also provides you an experience that you will cherish for your entire life.

Sheki- Sheki was once a market center for the entire country of Azerbaijan and today, it serves as a historical site that will bring to you some of the most amazing stories and experiences. Sheki is known for its beautiful cultural lanes, breathtaking palaces, enchanting mosques and mausoleums, memorable museums, and lip-smacking local cuisine. No trip is complete without bringing back souvenirs and what better place to shop from than a place that was an entire market in itself once upon a time? You will find some of the best handmade items, traditional crafts, and local goods to bring back with you as souvenirs that you can cherish forever.