7 Days in Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive Guide

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WeligamaSri Lanka is known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean and who doesn’t like pearls right? If you have never had the chance to visit this magical place, you must definitely do so. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country that holds a lot of stories, visual delights, and adventures within itself. It is a country that is suitable for any kind of family visit, a romantic holiday destination, or a backpacking trip with friends. The gorgeous beaches, the lush green plantations, the rich culture, and the delectable food are worth experiencing at least once in your lifetime. In the last few years, the number of tourists heading to Sri Lanka has increased a lot and why shouldn’t it? It's one of the most amazing destinations where people can relax and rejuvenate their minds and souls.

For people living in India, Sri Lanka feels slightly familiar yet highly different. Even though it is a small country compared to India, it still houses a lot of magic within itself; magic that is worth experimenting with, magic that is worth exploring, and magic that enlightens your mind, so come and plan a wonderful trip to this land where dreams come true with Nitsa holidays. The packages that Nitsa Holidays offers are very economical, safe, and reliable. We make sure that you get to experience the best of what Sri Lanka has to offer and you come back with memories of a lifetime. You can also choose to customize these packages based on your preferences and requirements.

Sri Lanka is a place that if you wished to experience every little element of, you would have to spend months. Most of us are restricted and bound by time so if you are lucky enough to have seven days on your hands to go on a trip to Sri Lanka, our Sri Lanka family tour packages from India, Sri Lanka, group tour packages of India and Sri Lanka Couple store packages from Delhi can accommodate all the major sites and experiences that one should have the privilege to see in the country. So you start packing your bags and we will start the best seven-day trip to Sri Lanka package for you!

In this article, you will be shown a glimpse of what you can expect from your seven days, itinerary of Sri Lanka, and also some other little bits and bobs that you should be aware of before you head there

How to go to Sri Lanka from India?

The fastest way to reach Sri Lanka from India is via flights that are available from almost all the major cities in India. However, if you are a fan of the roads, then you can take the long journey of a bus or train or you can even choose to drive to Sri Lanka from India.

What is the climate of Sri Lanka and what is the best time to visit it?

Sri Lanka has a warm tropical climate and the temperature usually ranges between 20°C to 34°C. The country experiences monsoons at different times depending on the part of the country you are in. You can go to Sri Lanka at any time of the year however, we recommend that the best time for you to visit Sri Lanka is during the months of April to May to experience and see everything without any interruption.

What is a seven-day itinerary of Sri Lanka going to look like?

Day 1- As you land in Colombo, you can start your day by exploring this modern and futuristic place. Colombo does have some of the most beautiful skylines in Asia and it houses some luxurious shops and hotels as well. You can head to some of the shopping centers, some of the museums, or some eateries to start your trip to Sri Lanka. The city of Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and it is one of the most advanced locations in the entire country. However, if your plan is to escape the fast-paced city life throughout your entire Sri Lanka trip, then you can also leave Colombo and head to Negombo Beach which is not very far away from the city of Colombo. After a long traveling journey, you can choose to spend your first day relaxing at the beach, looking at beautiful sites, and preparing for the amazing days that are ahead of you.

Day 2- On your second day in Sri Lanka, be prepared to leave the city and head towards a more serene destination. Train journeys in Sri Lanka are renowned to be extremely interesting and you can start from Colombo to Kandy. You will see how the landscape transforms into the hills of Central Sri Lanka and you are welcomed by peace and serenity. Once you are in Kandy, you can spend your second day exploring this cute little place, walk around the city, understand Sri Lanka’s culture, and head to the Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha statue, which is a ginormous statue of Buddha that overlooks the city of Kandy. You can grab a bite at any of the local eateries that serve finger-licking SriLankan cuisine and post that you can head to the most sacred site in all of Sri Lanka, which is the sacred tooth relic Temple that is believed to house a real tooth of Buddha.

Day 3- Your entire day three will be reserved for one activity and one activity only which is the infamous train ride from Kandy to Ella. This is probably one of the most renowned train rides in the entire world and you must have come across a few videos on the internet already. The sites are truly out of a fairytale, and this slow and long train journey takes you through some of the most luscious hills and mountains of Sri Lanka. You can also spot some tea plantations, some paddy fields, and some waterfalls on your way and you will be extremely relaxed and amazed by how comfortable a train journey can be. Two things that you cannot forget on this day are packing a lot of Sri Lankan snacks to munch on and clicking a lot of pictures of the gorgeous scenery.

Day 4- On day four, you can prepare yourself to be surrounded by the picturesque hills of Ella. The city of Ella, for sure, has a lot of cute cafes and restaurants, but the most amazing things to see in Ella are definitely the hills. You can go to the infamous nine arch bridge where you can walk on the railway tracks and click some amazing pictures with the most beautiful backdrop of the tea gardens and fields behind you. From there, you should head to another extremely divine place in Sri Lanka which is Adam's peak. The start of your adventure shows you wonderful views and once you reach the top, you will understand why hundreds and hundreds of people visit this place. The reason is to see the magnificent footprint of Buddha that is on top of the peak. If you aren’t a fan of trekking, you can also take a taxi ride to go to the waterfalls that are not very far away from the city of Ella and you can take some dips and dives in the clear waters with your friends and family.

Day 5- On day five, you will say goodbye to the hills and head to the Southern part of Sri Lanka. Now there aren’t any trains taking you from Ella to the Southern part. However, to experience the full Sri Lankan exposure you should pick the bus ride. It will take a couple of hours for you to reach the South, and once you do, you will be welcomed by an endless range of beaches where all of which are covered in white, silky sands and show you the most beautiful sights of the crystal clear, turquoise waters of Sri Lanka and the swaying palm trees around. You can go to Weligama for some artsy and quirky vibes and dine at some of the most Instagrammable cafes in the area.

Day 6- Your entire day six should just revolve around the beaches of Sri Lanka. There are quite a few and all of them are extremely beautiful so you can pick any, head there with your friends and family, and experience the infamous beaches of Sri Lanka. No doubt that the views and sites are wonderful, but you should also try some water sports and adventurous activities such as swimming, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling et cetera. After a long day at the beach,  you should definitely treat yourself to some fresh seafood in a local eatery nearby.

Day 7- On your last day, prepare to say goodbye to the magical land of Sri Lanka. Take a taxi, cab, or bus to Colombo and enjoy amazing sites on your way for one last time. Do grab a bite and shop for some souvenirs on your way to the airport.

This is the most amazing seven-day itinerary including the most wonderful adventures that you can experience in the country of Sri Lanka. Your entire week is going to be full of new experiences and new levels of fun and enjoyment.