Discover Malaysia with Nitsa Holidays: A Gem in Southeast Asia

Malaysia, a blend of the modern world and a developing nation, holds a unique tag as a dynamic country rich in contrasts. It promises a plethora of experiences, from bustling urban jungles like Kuala Lumpur to pristine beaches of Langkawi. Dive deep into an ocean of diversity as Nitsa Holidays walks you through the enchanting land of Malaysia.

Why Tour Malaysia with Nitsa Holidays?

At Nitsa Holidays, we believe in providing a holistic travel experience. We intricately design our packages to ensure they cater to your tastes, balancing relaxation with adventure, tradition with modernity.

Here’s a quick overview of our Malaysia Tour Packages:

Package Name



Price (Starting From)

Malaysia Essentials


Kuala Lumpur, Batu Caves, Penang


Beach Lover's Dream


Langkawi beach resorts, Water sports, Island hopping


Nature Enthusiast


Taman Negara National Park, Jungle Trekking, Canopy walk


Heritage Trails


Malacca’s history, Penang's UNESCO sites, Ipoh’s heritage


What Our Customers Say

To provide a clearer insight, here are some reviews from our valued customers who embarked on a journey to Malaysia with us:


Customer Name

Package Chosen


Emily R.

Malaysia Essentials

"A fantastic trip! The visit to Batu Caves was an eye-opener. Nitsa's team was supportive throughout."

Jordan T.

Beach Lover's Dream

"Langkawi is a paradise! Loved the resorts and water sports. Thanks, Nitsa Holidays, for this unforgettable trip."

Aiden L.

Nature Enthusiast

"Taman Negara's jungle trek was the highlight. Well-organized and guided by the Nitsa team."

Grace H.

Heritage Trails

"A deep dive into Malaysia's rich history. Malacca and Penang were breathtaking. Kudos to Nitsa!"

A Journey Worth Every Penny

With Nitsa Holidays, you aren’t just signing up for a trip; you’re investing in memories, stories, and experiences. Whether you’re a solo traveller seeking solace, a couple on a honeymoon trip, or a family wanting quality time, Malaysia offers something for everyone. And with us by your side, your journey is sure to be smooth, safe, and spectacular.

For detailed itineraries and further inquiries, get in touch with us today! Your Malaysian adventure awaits...