A Winter Wonderland Retreat: Exploring Gulmarg with Nitsa Holidays

Escape to the breathtaking landscapes of Gulmarg with Nitsa Holidays, where the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas create a mesmerizing winter wonderland. This 5-day journey is not just a trip; it's an immersive experience designed to embrace the beauty of nature, adventure, and rich cultural heritage. Join us on an exploration of Gulmarg, where every moment is a picturesque postcard waiting to be captured.

Transportation, Itinerary, and Accommodation:





Price (INR)


Arrival in Srinagar - Pickup from the airport - Transfer to Gulmarg

Not specified

Alpine Guesthouse (Budget)

₹60,000 per person


Gulmarg Sightseeing - Gondola ride to Apharwat Peak - Visit St. Mary's Church - Exploring Gulmarg's market

Not specified

Alpine Guesthouse (Budget)

₹60,000 per person


Adventure Day - Skiing or snowboarding lessons - Snowmobile ride - Ice-skating at Gulmarg Ice Rink

Not specified

Pineview Resort (Mid-range)

₹90,000 per person


Cultural Exploration - Visit Maharani Temple - Explore Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve - Enjoy a traditional Kashmiri meal

Not specified

Pineview Resort (Mid-range)

₹90,000 per person


Departure - Check-out from accommodation - Return to Srinagar - Departure from Srinagar airport

Not specified

Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa (Luxury)

₹135,000 per person

This table summarizes the itinerary, including activities, transportation, accommodation, and prices for each day of the trip to Gulmarg.


Transportation Highlights:

            • Airport Transfers:

            •  Comfortable and private transfers from Srinagar airport to Gulmarg.

            • Professional and experienced drivers ensuring a safe journey.

            • Intra-Gulmarg Travel:

            • Seamless travel arrangements for all sightseeing and activities.

            • Well-maintained vehicles with experienced local drivers.

Top Activities in Gulmarg:              

1. Gondola Ride to Apharwat Peak:
            •   Witness panoramic views of the snow-covered Himalayan ranges
            •   Capture breathtaking landscapes from the highest cable car in the world.

2. Skiing and Snowboarding:
           •   Engage in thrilling winter sports with professional instructors.
           •   Experience the adrenaline rush on the pristine slopes of Gulmarg.

3. Snowmobile Adventure
•   Navigate through snow-covered trails on a high-powered snowmobile. 
          •   Enjoy the exhilarating experience of exploring Gulmarg's backcountry.

4. Ice-skating at Gulmarg Ice Rink:
          •   Glide over the frozen surface of the ice rink surrounded by snow-covered trees
          •   A perfect activity for both beginners and experienced skaters.

5. Visit to Maharani Temple:

          • Explore the historical Maharani Temple, dedicated to the Queen of Maharaja Hari Singh
          • Admire the architectural beauty and cultural significance of the temple.

6.Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve Exploration:

           • Immerse yourself in the rich biodiversity of the biosphere reserve.
           • Spot unique flora and fauna, including the endangered Hangul deer.

7.Traditional Kashmiri Meal:

           • Indulge in the authentic flavors of Kashmir with a traditional meal.
           • Experience the warmth of Kashmiri hospitality and culinary delights.

Embark on a comprehensive 5-day journey to Gulmarg with Nitsa Holidays, featuring not only seamless transportation and comfortable accommodation but also a lineup of top activities that promise an unforgettable winter retreat. Let the enchanting beauty and thrilling adventures of Gulmarg create a tapestry of memories that will last a lifetime.