10 Best Places to Visit in Winter Vacations in India

10 Best places to visit in winter vacations in India

With a variety of geography stretching in all directions, India is a diverse country. Due to this diversity the country has a variety of environments in different parts during the same season. This makes the country a perfect holiday destination throughout the year. But winters are special, during winters, you can find snow in the north, chilling cold in the west, flowing streams in the east, and warming serenity in the south. All this makes the country a favorite tourist destination during winters. So, let us look at various destinations in India where you can spend your winter vacations.

Top winter vacation destinations in India

Go north and play with the snow

Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are among the top places where you can enjoy snow during winters. Each of these states have a variety of tourist locations to spend winter vacations, but the best spots are Gurez, Khajjar, and Auli respectively. All these three are hill stations with mesmerizing surroundings and picturesque landscapes.

But this is not all, each of these destinations are covered with snow during winters, and allows you to go for trekking along the snowy trails, and participate in skiing. Besides, the spots have a rich variety of flora and fauna which make the places more attractive and allows you to explore nature as well. So, if you are willing to spend your winter vacations at a snow covered destination, then make sure to look for any of these.

Explore the White desert of India in the west

Lying along the India-Pakistan border, in the state of Gujarat, Kutch, the ancient town of Dholavira, is a famous winter destination to explore during winters. Due to its white salt covers, this desert is popularly known as the white desert of India. Every year during winters, the Rann of Kutch festival is organized here. This festival is conducted with the aim to expand the land’s tourist attraction, provide information and enjoyment, and also to allow in-flow of economy.

When in Kutch, you get the chance to stay in camps and enjoy various cultural programs, and perform activities like hot-air ballooning, desert safari, and camel riding. But this is not all, here you can explore its beautiful market of handi-craft and take with you memories of the place by buying its beautiful embroidery works. You can also visit the stunning and mesmerizing beaches of Mandvi during your vacations here in Kutch.

Enjoy the serenity and solitude of south during winters

South India has a number of beautiful places where you can spend your winter vacations at. But among all, Pondicherry is considered as the best. Here in Pondicherry, the weather gets very pleasant during winters. The month of December is especially considered an ideal time to visit the place. At this time, you can do a lot here by engaging in sightseeing, water sporting, and exploring its cultural heritage. Besides these, the place has a number of French buildings, significant religious places, and stunning beaches. All these attract a number of tourists every year to the location.

Experience the winter beauty of the east

East India includes the seven sisters, the beautiful state of Sikkim, and the spiritual and food loving state of West Bengal. During winters the whole eastern part of the country gets so beautiful that it offers a great opportunity to spend quality vacations there. Some best destinations to explore during winters in eastern India are Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh, Darjeeling in West Bengal and Shillong in Sikkim. Each of these are so mesmerizing that they attract plenty of tourists during winters.

Especially in Darjeeling during winters, Teesta tea and tourist festivals and the Darjeeling Orange festival are organized. Here you can enjoy the beautiful climate and beauty of the place. Besides, while in Shillong, you can explore the indigenous culture of the location, enjoy its yummy cuisine and experience its natural beauty. So, during winters, the east won’t let you get bored and will definitely provide you with beautiful memories to cherish for life.

So, overall, during winters you can explore the following 10 destinations for sure.

  1. Khajjar
  2. Gurez
  3. Auli
  4. Tawang
  5. Shillong
  6. Darjeeling
  7. Pondicherry
  8. Kutch
  9. Munnar
  10. Leh and Ladakh


North to south, east to west, India is a beautiful country to explore throughout the year. Winters in India are special delights to enjoy for any tour lover. From serenity to activity, you will find different experiences in different parts of the country. As mentioned-above, each direction in India has a separate offering for tourists during winters. So, based on your choice and desires, you can explore any place to make your winter vacations memorable and worthy. For help you can also contact Nitsa Holidays. They will ensure you a lovely vacation with cherishable memories. 



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