Top Honeymoon Places in Jammu and Kashmir

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Top honeymoon places in Jammu and Kashmir


Honeymoon package to Jammu and Kashmir

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Under their professional guidance you can explore the most romantic places of Kashmir and enjoy the engagement in beautiful sceneries around. Having known this, now let us explore the various popular and romantic honeymooning locations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Top honeymooning places in Jammu and Kashmir

When it comes to honeymooning and exploring the budding love among newly wed couples, the best place to spend time together is in the paradise of love.  Kashmir is widely popular as the heaven on earth where you will find love and beauty spread across every corner. The land beholds beautiful sceneries, pleasant vibes, and music of running waters. All these will make you drown into deep love, of each other and the surrounding nature. This place will ensure to provide you with cherishing and memorable moments for life.


The first and foremost destination for honeymooning when in Jammu and Kashmir is Srinagar. It is the summer capital city of this heavenly state and is among the most beautiful honeymoon locations as well. The land has so many beautiful activities to participate in that will make your honeymoon a very beautiful one. The most suitable time to visit Srinagar for a honeymoon is between the months of April and October. This is the time when the budding love gets the addition of beauty and compassion to bloom into a beautiful flower for life. Some of the most romantic activities you can do in Srinagar are houseboating in Nigeen Lake, Shikara riding at Dal Lake and enjoying the heritage of the city by walking through its beautiful lanes. The land not only has beautiful nature, but also mesmerizing architecture. The most beautiful of those is the Mughal Gardens, it is widely popular among honeymooners. Apart from these, you can also visit some of the famous spots of Srinagar for sightseeing like the Chashme Shahi, Shankaracharya Temple, Hari Prabhat, and many more.


When in Kashmir  between the months of April and October, Sonamarg must be a must visit location for your honeymoon. The land is so full of beautiful valleys and pristine lakes, that will ensure to make your honeymoon romantic. Some of the beautiful lakes that are must visit at Sonamarg are Gangabal, Gadsar, and Krishnasar. The sparkling water of these lakes won’t only enhance the beauty of your love but also provide you chances to participate in various romantic activities like boating, fishing, and rowing together. Apart from these mesmerizing lakes, you can also enjoy the beauty of the number of waterfalls that fall on this land and the refreshing meadows that provide you with marvelous views. One of the best sites that you should not miss when in Sonamarg is the Nilagard stream. This stream joins the Sind river at its course of flow and provides spectacular views to the tourists visiting there. Besides enjoying these beautiful natural beauties from comfort, you can also engage in adventurous sports like trekking. There are various valleys in Sonamarg for this purpose but the most widely trekked track is the trekking track to the Batal Valley.


45 kms from the Srinagar airport, Yousmarg is a beautiful hill town located in the Himalayas in Kashmir. The name of the land itself tells a lot about it, it means the Meadow of Jesus in Kashmiri and is well known for its heavenly beauty. One of the main attractions in Yousmarg is the Pir Pranjal mountain. It is a very serene and charming place that will never fail to impress you and add to your budding love.

Apart from these, the land is very famous for its peaceful environment and adventurous lanes. For an adventurous couple, the land has a lot to offer you. It provides you with the opportunities to involve in trekking, hiking, camping, and many more. The most visited places in Yousmarg are Sang-e-Safed, Nilnag Lake, Doodh Ganga, and Charar-e-Sharif. To enjoy all and immerse into the pleasant nature of Yousmarg, make sure to plan your honeymoon here between the months of March and September.


53 kms away from the Srinagar Airport, Bandipora is a famous honeymoon spot in Kashmir. The land is located at the banks of Wular lake and is surrounded by the spectacular mountains. It is one of the most beautiful locations to visit while on honeymoon in Kashmir. It is considered as the second largest freshwater lake in Asia and among the most beautiful sites. Not just the natural surroundings, but also the wildlife of the land is attractive. A variety of migratory birds visit the land during the breeding season and leave when the time to go to the next location comes. So, this is one of the most beautiful honeymooning locations in Kashmir which is a must visit to enhance your growing love.


A land that provides you with beauty and love throughout the year in Kashmir is Gulmarg. It is among the most romantic honeymoon destinations in Kashmir. The land is most famous for the pleasant weather it holds throughout the year. If you are a snow lover, you can visit the place for your honeymoon between the months of October and March. If you want to enjoy the green environment around you during your honeymoon you can visit the place between the months of April and May. The fact is whenever you visit Gulmarg, stay assured that you will come back with beautiful and cherishable memories with your partner.

Apart from the weather of the land, the land provides you different activities to enjoy in both the seasons. Like in winters you can explore skiing and enjoying the snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes. While in summer you can enjoy the picturesque views of beautiful meadows. The landscape of Gulmarg is so beautiful that it will definitely add an extra charm to your new-budding love. Besides, if you are an adventure lover, then some of the activities that you must do when in Gondola Gulmarg include mountain biking, trekking, and riding on the Seven springs. So, don’t think much, make sure to add Gulmarg in your list of honeymooning spots in Kashmir.



Kishtwar is one of the safest and beautiful honeymooning spots involving camping. It is surrounded by some of the best Manali cottages. Hence, making it the best Manali camping spots of Kashmir. The land is covered on all sides with deodar and pine forests and lofty mountains. This makes the land a mesmerizing spot and must be a honeymoon location for those who love walking along the long tracks. It is one among the best honeymoon locations in Kashmir where you can enjoy visiting places like Nagseen, Dachhan, Paddar, and Sarthal. At Paddar, you can enjoy visiting the beautiful sapphire and ruby mines. While you can also enjoy diving and dipping into the hot spring waters of Tatta Pani. The land may be small in geography, but the beauty and love it holds is huge. So, when on your honeymoon to Kashmir, make sure you plan your stay also in Kishtwar.


Kashmir is itself known as the heaven on earth, but the land of Anantnag is known as paradise within the paradise of Kashmir. It is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing honeymooning locations in Kashmir. The land has picturesque sceneries and beautiful waterfalls and springs. One of the most famous springs in Anantnag is the Verinag spring. It provides its visitors with beautiful surroundings and a mesmerizing experience..

Apart from this, the land holds a number of sightseeing locations and must visiting spots. Some of them include the ruins of Martand temple. It is a location where you will get to witness the heritage of the land. Besides, you can also visit the lush forests of Daksum and the  beautiful garden of Kokernag. For enjoyment furthermore, you can visit the national parks in Kashmir that surround this location. So, don’t think much. On your honeymoon, don’t miss to visit this beautiful land of Anantnag.


A romantic atmosphere and beautiful weather, what else is needed to add love in the budding relation of a newlywed couple? Pahalgam is among the best and romantic places to visit while honeymooning in Kashmir. The weather of the land is so pleasant and it provides so many activities to do, that you will dive in deep love holding hands together and gazing into nature and each other. The best time to visit Pahalgam for honeymooning is between the months of March and November.

Pahalgam is a hill station that provides you picturesque views and captive landscapes. Some of the beautiful places to visit in Pahalgam include the Aru Valley, Betaab valley, Shesh, and the mesmerizing Baisaran and Tulian Lake. So, if you are a peaceful nature lover, Pahalgam is a destination for you. You can enjoy beautiful scenic beauties and also indulge in beautiful sightseeings. Also, for adventure loving couples that land has various adventurous activities to indulge in like trekking, canoeing, water rafting, and horse riding. Besides, you can also go camping to make your honeymoon a little more memorable and eventful.

Apart from these above mentioned and described honeymoon spots in Jammu and Kashmir, there are also various other beautiful spots. Some of them are listed below.

  • Baramulla
  • Bhaderwah
  • Udhampur
  • Badgam
  • Patnitop
  • Kupwara, and many more


Jammu and Kashmir, well known as the preferred honeymooning locations in India. The main reason behind its popularity among newlyweds is its pleasant weather, changing and mesmerizing seasons, and many more. Kashmir should be your primary priority if you want to make the early days of your wedding lovely and full of memories.For those who value nature, tranquility, adventure, and leisure travel, Kashmir is a paradise. Everything from luxury to low-cost travelers can be found there. What you need is just exploring both the land and your love for each other.

During the honeymoon, a tranquil touch of nature's tremendous beauty is a requirement. Kashmir has many locations with breathtaking views of the natural world. Some of the most beautiful and famous ones are listed and described above for your ease. Also, to help you plan out your honeymoon at Kashmir we have introduced a very talented and professional travel agent based in Delhi. They will ensure your planning is smooth and the vacation memorable. Kashmir is a wonderful choice for a honeymoon destination because it offers both adventure and breathtaking scenery. We really hope that this article was helpful to you in selecting your ideal honeymoon location.